what is eyebrow microblading?

The Importance of Eyebrows

What are eyebrows for?

The main function of the eyebrows is thought to be protection.  The shape of the brow ridge and the eyebrows themselves actually channel moisture away from the eyes.  Clever eh? Those hairy strips above your eyes are actually meant to prevent dust, dirt, sweat and water from dripping into the eye socket  to protect your vision.  

Eyebrows not only protect the eyes but are imperative for human communication.  Eyebrows allow us to express emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety and happiness.  Without eyebrows, the human face is virtually expressionless.

Life without eyebrows.

Ask an Alopecia sufferer if eyebrows are important.  You don’t always appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone. 

Due to may many years working as a hair loss consultant, many of my brow clients have a form of alopecia and often comment how my eyebrows services have changed their lives.  

Want to know how important eyebrows are?  Just take a look at the photograph of Kirsten Stewart with her eyebrows photoshopped out.  How different does she look without eyebrows?


Eyebrows : THE most important facial feature.

what is eyebrow microblading?

Eyebrows accentuate the eyes, provide structure and frame the face.   

Ask any woman with make-up bag and she will tell you that eyebrows are one of, if not the most important facial features.  Just a small tweak in the shape of an eyebrow can have a huge impact on the face.

Eyebrows can also play a huge part in anti ageing.  A fuller brow with height and lift in the right places can sometimes have a more youthful impact on a face than surgery. 

Did you know that a well designed eyebrow can actually change how your face shape is perceived by others?  Check out my previous post on designing eyebrows for the different face shapes here ….


My Top 5 Eyebrow Treatments

1. Powder Brows – By far my favourite treatment for eyebrows for a long lasting result that fades and ages in the skin beautifully.

2. Microblading – The classic structured hair stroke brow is still as popular today as when I first started doing them all those years ago.

3. Fusion Brows – also known as blade and shades fusion of techniques for those who want both hair strokes and shading. 

4. Henna Brows – a great temporary alternative to Powder Brows for those who want to use a natural product rather than a traditional eyebrow tint. 

5. HD Brows – the classic brow treatment that involves a 7 step process to give you brows in high definition.

eyebrow henna
Henna Brows by Supercillium

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