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When I think back to when I began my hairdressing career, I didn’t dare to dream that I would have the power to drastically change how people see themselves. After all, it’s just hair right? Wrong.

Hair is so much more than vanity. Good hair boosts confidence. Good hair makes people feel better about themselves. Good hair, for some can mean the difference between leaving the house or staying at home.

My goal is to make cosmetic hair loss solutions easily accessible for those looking for someone local to help them, making people not only look their best, but feel their best.


As a  passionate hair stylist with over 25 years experience in the hair industry and almost 10 years working with male and female clients who suffer with hair loss, I have a wealth of experience and I have the knowledge and expertise to help you manage your hair loss condition and help you find the right hair loss solutions.

For a number of years I worked as a senior hair stylist for the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy, one of the world’s leading hair replacement clinics, at their head office in London.

Working so closely with the amazing clients and patients that I met during my time there, inspired me to continue my work offering support to alopecia sufferers and cancer survivors, developing my skills as a cosmetic and medical tattoo artist and offering wig cutting and a variety of hair loss solutions.


I work with Trendco one of the U.K’s largest and most reputable suppliers of ready to wear wigs, hairpieces, bespoke pieces and accessories and I can supply a range of high quality synthetic and human hair toppers, full cap wigs or hair replacement systems depending on your requirements. I offer a full hair loss support service including a variety of hair loss solutions, fitting, cutting, styling and custom colouring (where possible) individual hair pieces and wigs for men and women. 

Prices range from as little as £100 for synthetic toppers up to £2000 for full cap longer length human hair wigs. 

Hair Toppers & Enhancers

Toppers and enhancers are hair loss solutions in the form of a hair piece that is designed to give coverage and volume to thinning or fine hair. They are a smaller alternative to full wigs, ideal for those who don't require the coverage of a full cap wig. Hair toppers are usually oval in shape and are usually attached to the existing hair using small clips. Toppers are perfect for women who want to add volume to fine or thinning hair, or are beginning to see their first signs of hair loss where their parting is starting to look thinner. Hair toppers are an excellent option to cover hair loss on the top or the front of the head. They can blend with your own hair easily and look very natural when fitted, cut and styled correctly.

High Quality Wigs

Wigs are the best option for those who have lost the majority of their hair or require full coverage. Wig caps (the base of the wig that the hair is attached to) are constructed from various different materials (natural/synthetic/hybrid) with lace front option a virtually undetectable appearance. The hair attached is available in a variety of materials (synthetic/human/hybrid), grades, lengths, textures, densities and colours. Wigs can also be custom made to your specification to replicate the hair you have lost, cut into any style and human hair wigs can be custom coloured if required.

Hair Pieces & Hair Extensions

Depending on your specific hair loss concern, you may require something as simple as a small hair piece or hair extensions to help you disguise your hair loss. Whether it be a small patch of hair loss, receding of the hair line or the loss of volume and density in a specific area, I can supply a range of smaller hair pieces of varying lengths, textures, colours and materials with different methods of attachment. Whatever your concern is, there is sure to be a way of disguising it, should you wish to.


Hair Replacement Systems are great, almost undetectable, non surgical hair loss solutions to replace hair that has been lost. Hair Replacement Systems are made from a base, made from high quality, durable materials, which are applied to the scalp using waterproof bonding agents to secure it. The hair, which is either injected or hand tied into the base will be matched to the existing hair in terms of texture, density and colour, making the replacement piece virtually invisible. The hair replacement system applications last about for roughly 4 – 6 weeks unaided after which you would come and visit me for maintenance appointments. 

Learn more about Hair Systems for men here.

HAIR LOSS SERVICES : What to expect

If you’re considering GETTING A TOPPER, ENHANCER, WIG OR HAIR SYSTEM, then of course you will want to know what to expect from the PROCESS. It’s good to know that :

  • You will first attend a consultation where we can establish your needs and requirements, explain the options available to you and take your measurements. Consultations are performed in a private consultation room to guarantee 100% discretion. 
  • There is no obligation to proceed with an order until you are completely ready. 
  • When you are ready we will place an order and invite you to book a fitting appointment.
  • At your fitting appointment, you will be presented with your new hair options. Once you have selected and paid for your mew hair, it will be fitted, cut and styled to your requirements.  
  • I will also explain how to care for your new hair at home, provide washing and styling tips and advise you on how to get the best out of your new hair. 
  • Depending on your choices, additional colouring, cutting , care and styling services and lessons are available at an additional fee. 

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