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If you’re trying to find someone experienced with hair loss or simply thinking about having Permanent Makeup or Microblading in Kent, then naturally, finding the right professional is the next step.

My name is Sara Duane and I have been a hair and beauty industry professional for over 25 years, with almost 10 years working with clients with Alopecia.My journey began in hairdressing many years ago. I had always imagined myself in not only a creative but a caring profession, so when I began working as a consultant stylist for one of the UK's leading cosmetic hair loss clinics in London, it felt like a natural fit.

Spending my days helping Alopecia sufferers to feel their best inspired me to enter the world of Permanent Makeup, Microblading and Medical Tattooing.

I began my hairdressing career in 1997. My passion for making people feel their best has always been a priority for me, so in 2013, when I was offered the opportunity to work with the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy, one of the U.K’s leading cosmetic hair loss clinics at their head office in London, I jumped at the chance. 

After a year or so, I was hungry to offer more to the amazing clients I was meeting every day so, in 2014 I decided to take the plunge and train in microblading, permanent makeup and medical tattooing.

In 2017, after getting married, my husband and I decided to make the move from London to Kent. I now work alongside the team at Hair Professional in Maidstone, offering hair loss solutions such as wig cutting and hair systems as well as microblading, permanent makeup and medical tattooing including areola and 3D nipple tattooing and scar reduction and camouflage treatments. 

I also offer my microblading, permanent makeup and medical treatments at Ascott Beauty in Beckenham on Mondays.

Not only am I a Microblading and Permanent Makeup Specialist, I am also a qualified and widely respected and trusted Microblading and Permanent Makeup Educator, Trainer and Assessor.

After spending several years working and travelling all over the U.K as a trainer for one of the UK’s largest training academies, I realised my passion for sharing my knowledge. I wanted more freedom to be creative with my teaching style, so I decided to develop my own training courses and a blended technique of training that gets results.

I am now delivering my own fully accredited courses to new students entering the industry as well as masterclasses in advanced techniques for qualified artists. Training is available on a one to one basis in Maidstone, Kent or in small groups in Brighton, East Sussex.

My motivation for the work I do, is how it makes people feel, instilling confidence and offering support to those who need it. I offer as much time as possible to clients in need of my medical treatments free of charge every month. I call this service “Pay with a Smile”. Past recipients of these treatments have been cancer survivors in need of areola or nipple tattooing and transgender patients needing help with their transition.

I have also offered scar relaxation and camouflage services to those with disfigurements caused by accidents. These treatments are available to anyone in need who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have the treatment such as burns victims and even those going through end of life care in hospice. If you or someone you know could benefit from these services please get in touch.

Breast cancer affects women all over the world. Every 10 minutes a woman in the UK is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast cancer prevention and women’s health are subjects that are very close to my heart. Sadly,  I speak with and meet women that need my areola tattooing and medical tattooing services far too often. 

Breast cancer cases have doubled in the last 50 years. Around 56,000 women and 400 men are diagnosed every year. 

Early detection saves lives. When found early, survival is 99%. The sooner a person is diagnosed, the sooner they can get the treatment they need and the better their risk of survival. 

I am passionate about raising awareness about breast cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month, but we really need to be educating women (and men) and raising awareness all year round.

I am doing my part by volunteering as a Global Educator for breast cancer charity Know Your Lemons. A charity dedicated to improving early detection of breast cancer through education. To fond out more about Know Your Lemons and to download the App click here

Ever wonder what I get up to in between clients? I find sketching 3D nipple tattoos on my iPad actually relaxes me and helps with muscle memory and makes me a better artist. Practise makes progress makes perfect! ...

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Fresh, bold powder brows for the gorgeous Lauren 🤩🤩🤩 ...

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Well this was an unexpected and lovely thing to receive today 😊

Feeling incredibly honored and grateful to be nominated as a finalist for the prestigious English Beauty Industry Awards! 🌟

Being recognised in the category of Permanent Makeup Salon of the Year is a dream come true! 💖✨

Thank you to whoever nominated me 🙏and to everyone who has supported me on this incredible journey so far. 🙏🏼✨ #BeautyIndustryAwards #Finalist #PermanentMakeupSalon #Honoured #Grateful #EnglishBeautyIndustryAwards2023 #Recognition #PassionForBeauty #AchievementUnlocked #BeautyExpert #BeautyCommunity #BeautyInspiration #BeautyEnthusiast #BeautyInnovation #BeautyTrends #BeautyArtists #BeautyMasters #BeautyExcellence #BeautyPassion #BeautyEmpire #BeautyIndustryLeader #BeautyIsPower #BeautyIsArt

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💋 Embrace the perfect pout and ditch the lipstick! 💄

✨ Loving this stunning lip blush tattoo, what a game-changer! 😍💯

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My mantra for the week! #happytuesday ...

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With the weekend incoming remember to take some time for yourself. Whether it’s a walk, a manicure or just a long shower, remember to make some time for #selfcare. ...

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Mapping out the brows is THE most important step in any brow treatment. I use my signature 10 step precision mapping technique on all my brow clients at every appointment. I also teach this on all my microblading and brow pmu courses. ...

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I wholeheartedly believe this about all things but this is especially true of permanent makeup. 🕰️

Getting permanent makeup is a process, not an event. It can take two to three sessions to achieve the desired results for some clients and taking your time is the best way to ensure the outcome is exactly what you want. 🙌🏻

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A beautiful set of powder brows fresh off the needle for Victoria 😍 ...

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IMO Skin care is better than ANY foundation. Take care of your skin and your skin will take care of you. 💕 ...

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Beautiful #combinationbrows. Just a few hair strokes at the bulb with shading added for extra definition through the body, arch and tail. Love this technique! 😍 ...

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The nights may be drawing in but the days are getting hotter ☀️
This is your friendly reminder not to forget to protect your skin and brows with SPF! ♥️

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✨HD Brow Glue✨

This stuff is my absolute favourite brow finishing product at the moment. Especially with the heat about to hit, it keeps your brows in place all day long. Love! 😍

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Don’t just take my word for it. Lovely words from my gorgeous client Sonam. ♥️ ...

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The devil’s in the detail. Absolutely loved doing these brows for the gorgeous Ginette today. These brows will transform over the next 4 weeks to a beautiful soft powder brow. ...

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Like most self employed people I wear many hats within my little business. If you ever send me a message and wonder why I haven’t responded straight away, this is why. I am a one person operation and I do almost everything myself. Thank you for supporting my small business! ♥️ ...

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🗓️ Annual colour boost on these dreamy soft powder brows for the gorgeous Phoebe. Don’t think red heads can have permanent makeup? Think again!

👩🏻‍🦰 👩🏼As a fair skinned, natural red head myself, I understand the importance of getting the shade just right for all my blonde and red haired clients.

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