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Nipple Tattooing Kent


Nipple Tattooing, also known as Areola Tattooing, Areola Reconstruction and Areola Restoration is an advanced medical tattoo using medical grade pigments and specialist techniques and is designed to give the illusion of a nipple and areola.  Even on a flat surface, where there is no surgically created nipple (such as star flap nipple reconstruction) with the use of expert light and shade techniques, I can give the illusion of a protruding nipple.

I originally trained in nipple tattooing and areola restoration many tears ago with Tracey Simpson, one of the pioneers of Cosmetic and Medical Micropigmentation in the U.K. and also went on to train in advanced techniques with Naomi O’Hara, both of whom are internationally recognised for their medical work and have also trained NHS nurses in the art of Nipple Tattooing.


Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be one of the worst moments in a woman’s life.  Whilst the available treatments, surgeries and support of health care professionals in the NHS and in private care in the U.K are exceptional, often women have to endure breast removal surgery, known as a Mastectomy. 

This can sometimes be just one breast (single) or both breasts (bi lateral).  In many cases, a mastectomy will be followed by a reconstructive surgery to try to recreate the breast. 

For many women, receiving a 3D Nipple Tattoo can be the final “cherry on the cake”.  The finishing touch that helps them to feel “normal” again, allows them to finally move forward with the rest of their life and lets them begin feeling like themselves again.


Often those that identify as transgender and non-binary may undergo gender reassignment surgery on their chest area, commonly known as “top surgery”.


In female to male or female to non-binary surgery, a nipple graft is common.  In situations where the nipple graft has been unsuccessful, or if the patient has opted not to have a nipple graft, the patient may decide to opt for a 3D nipple tattoo on bare skin.  In situations where a nipple graft has been partially successful, I can restore colour and help with with the overall appearance.  I can also help with scar relaxation and camouflage.

Areola Enlargement


In male to female surgery, implants may be used to increase the size and shape of the breast area.  As male areola tend to be smaller than female, the patient may opt to have their areola enlarged to fit the new size breast.


I use a combination of MCA (Multi-trepanic Collagen Actuation) which is a type of skin needling and Scar Camouflage Tattooing to improve the texture and appearance of scar tissue in the breast after surgery.  For more information on this, see the Scar Treatments page.

Areola Repigmentation
Areola Repigmentation


Is it safe?

I follow a strict code of practise that ensures a safe treatment.  I use single use, disposable needles and dressings that are disposed of responsibly at the end of your treatment.  I choose to use to pigments and inks that are hypoallergenic and meet European medical standards.  These products are also vegan and cruelty free.  An allergy test is always performed at least 48 hours prior to treatment. 

Does it hurt?

All of my treatments, medical and cosmetic are performed with your comfort in mind.  If suitable, numbing agents can be used to minimise discomfort.  Most patients report only mild discomfort.

How much does it cost?

Please see Prices & Access below.

How long do the treatments take?

Areola improvement/enlargement usually takes around 60 minutes for one areola and 90 minutes for two.

3D nipple tattooing usually takes 2 hours for one nipple and 3 hours for two.

How long after surgery must I wait?

The recommended minimum wait time is 6 months to allow surgery scars to heal.

Is a 3D nipple tattoo permanent?

Generally my nipple tattoo work is maintenance free.  I use specially formulated tattoo inks designed for nipple and areola tattooing as well as traditional tattooing techniques and needles to create your nipple tattoos.  Like any tattoo ink, the colour and vibrancy can fade over time, especially with sun exposure but ultimately, it is a tattoo and will be permanent.  You may decide to visit me periodically for a refresh but this is assessed on a case by case basis.  Most people do not require any maintenance.

I’ve had a nipple reconstruction, can I still get a nipple tattoo?

Absolutely.  If you are lacking pigment in any area of your nipple or areola then it can be applied or restored. 

I’ve had gender reassignment surgery, can you help?

Absolutely.  Whether you require 3D nipple tattooing on bare skin or just AReoals improvement or enlargement, I can definitely help.

I’ve not had surgery but am unhappy with the colour/size of my areola, can you help?

Of course.  If you are unhappy with your areola for any reason, get in touch to find out how I can help you.

I’ve had my nipples tattooed before elsewhere but they faded, can you still help?

Yes.  I am happy to evaluate and improve the old work.

I have scars from my surgery, can you help with that too?

Absolutely.  I offer scar revision as part of the service.


Monthly Pay With A Smile Clinic

I offer these treatments completely free of charge to eligible candidates.  The current wait time is approximately 12 weeks.  Please get in touch via the contact form on this website to book a consultation.

Private Medical Insurance

If you don’t want to wait and have private health care insurance you may be covered for these treatments under your policy. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Private Funding

If you don’t want to wait but do not have private healthcare insurance or sufficient coverage for these services you may self fund. The following prices will apply.


I use a combination of MCA (Multi-trepanic Collagen Actuation) which is a type of skin needling and Scar Camouflage Tattooing to improve the texture and appearance of scar tissue in the breast after surgery.  For more information on this, see the Scar Treatments page.

Prices marked with an * include a complimentary retouch within 12 weeks