Sara Duane


Eyebrow Treatments

Whilst I love all of my treatments, eyebrow treatments are my favourite to perform. If you look at my work you will notice that no two sets of eyebrows are the same. My eyebrow treatments are 100% tailored to you. Designed bespoke and by hand. Not a brow stencil to be seen. I work with you and your features to create beautiful brows that are as unique as you are.

I am truly passionate about eyebrows and the difference they can make not only to someone’s appearance but also the confidence it can instil. Eyebrows are a focal point on the face and can not only transform the eyes, but also change how we perceive the face shape and can even make you look more youthful.

My Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

I offer a range of different permanent eyebrow treatments designed to enhance even the thinnest of brows. Not only do I offer eyebrow treatments for sparse brows, such as Microblading or Hair Stroke Eyebrows but I also offer the latest techniques in shaded eyebrow treatments, such as Powder Eyebrows,  Ombré Eyebrows and even permanent eyebrows for men, which I call Guy Brows.  

All of my permanent eyebrow treatments are considered “permanent” as they are all applied using cosmetic tattooing techniques.  My permanent eyebrow treatments actually last up to 5 years without maintenance and will gradually fade and get lighter as they age.  If you want to keep your results looking fresh, colour boost eyebrow treatments are recommended between every 12-18 months.


What shape eyebrows should I have?

Many of us have flicked through a magazine and seen a model or celebrity with what we perceive to be the perfect brow shape and tried to recreate it by pencilling or powdering our own brows in a similar fashion, only for them to end up looking like slugs or worse, one ends up a completely different shape to the other. 

You may have heard the expression “eyebrows are sisters and not twins”, whilst this is true, they should at the very least, look like they are related. The truth is there are a number of factors that determine what eyebrow shape will best suit any individual.

When performing your eyebrow treatments, during the design process, I carefully analyse your facial features, looking for any asymmetry and determining ways that I can correct or improve any imperfections to give you the best possible results.

One of the most definitive factors in selecting eyebrow shape is analysing your face shape. Improving asymmetry is a balancing act between working with the face shape and balancing your features. For example, strong jawlines are easily balanced by adding volume to the brows, angular faces can be softened by keeping arches smooth and long faces can be balanced by ensuring the height of the arch is subtle.

I have a tonne of tips and tricks that I share with my clients during their eyebrow treatments. My entire design process involves a meticulous measuring process called “eyebrow mapping” which most of my clients liken to a geometry lesson.

The Eyebrow Tattoo : What to expect

If you’re considering having your eyebrows tattooed, then of course you will want to know what to expect from the actual eyebrow treatments. It’s good to know that :

  • A full consultation and patch test is performed a minimum of 48 hours before your initial eyebrow treatment. Alternatively, a virtual consultation can be arranged and a patch test can be posted to you if necessary. 
  • There is little to no down time after your eyebrow treatments. No time off work is required.
  • Occasionally, the skin can be a little bit red immediately after the eyebrow treatments, so it’s best not to make social plans on the day of your appointment. This usually subsides within a few hours.
  • Healing can take 7-10 days.
  • Eyebrows can be a little dry and flaky during healing depending on your skin type.
  • The colour will look stronger and gradually get a little darker during the first few days after your eyebrow treatments. 
  • You can expect up to 40% colour loss during healing. I recommend a retouch to boost the results within 12 weeks which is included in the price.
  • The eyebrow treatments are not painful, most clients experience only minor discomfort.



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