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Soft is the new strong – why powder brows are my favourite technique.

Powder Brows : The NEW Microblading!

Powder Brows
Powder Brows by Sara Duane

Open any beauty magazine and you’ll probably find an article about Microblading.  This revolutionary eyebrow treatment that has had ladies up and down the country ditching their eyebrow pencils, has taken the beauty industry by storm in the last few years.  

Most people can get onboard with the idea of microblading whilst the idea of an eyebrow “tattoo” fills them with dread.  Well ladies, i’ve got news for you.  Microblading IS a tattoo! 

Gasp! (I hear you cry) It cannot be true!

It is.  If you’ve ever had your brows done by me then you’ll be under no illusions as I am very upfront and honest with my clients about what they are signing up for when they book a microblading or permanent makeup treatment with me.  

Microblading, hair strokes and powder brows are all cosmetic tattooing and whilst the results will fade over time, they are all permanent.  In this article I’m going to share my favourite technique with you and the reasons why I love powder brows so much. 

Powder Brows : My favourite technique for natural results

eyebrow treatments
Powder Brows by Sara Duane

Many clients that visit me ask for hair strokes because I their own words, they want “the most natural result”.  Yes, hair strokes can look very natural, but they are not the ONLY option if you want a natural and soft finish. 

I get it.  The powder brows of yesteryear were heavy, block brows which made it pretty damn obvious that you’d had your brows tattooed (if this is you – please get in touch with me… I can help!) but the techniques, pigments and styles that are available today can be soft, subtle and sometimes, even more natural than hair strokes.he style 

The beautiful thing about powder brows is that you can start off super subtle and build up the amount of colour and even layer different colours in order to create the perfect brow for you.  As the colour is layered into the skin softly, it often fades more evenly, which means that the results tend to age beautifully.

Powder Brows : 5 reasons to choose this technique for your eyebrows

👉🏻 Powder brows can be as natural. if not more natural than hair strokes

👉🏻 Powder brows tend to fade more evenly than hair strokes

👉🏻 Powder brows give your brows that fresh “tinted” look you get after a brow tint 

👉🏻 Powder brows stay soft, even after colour boosts

👉🏻 Powder brows suit all age groups and can be used on men and women

Want to know if Powder Brows are right for you?

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