what makes your eyebrows grow

What Makes Your Eyebrows Grow?

What makes your eyebrows grow?

what makes your eyebrows grow

It’s no secret.  Brows are big news these days.  Never has the eyebrow been a more important facial feature, framing the eyes and giving the face balance and structure. Gone forever, are the days of thin and over plucked brows.  The fuller brow is here to stay. 

Not many people are born with naturally thick and luscious eyebrows.  These days we all dream of full, beautiful brows with arches to die for but sadly, some of us have fallen victim to the tweezers over the years and left asking “what makes your eyebrows grow?”

For those of us who have done what seems like permanent damage, do not lose heart, there are solutions available. 

So, what makes your eyebrows grow quickly?  The truth is, there is no quick fix for making your eyebrows grow.  If you’re looking for an instant fix for gappy brows or your eyebrow hair doesn’t grow at all, then a cosmetic tattoo like microblading or permanent makeup is the saving grace you’ve been searching for.  

Whilst this is an amazing option for many, it’s not always necessary. Given time and the right advice, you may just see a huge improvement in your natural eyebrow growth over time.

Here are my 5 top tips for regrowing your natural eyebrows…

1. Step away from the tweezers.

It seems like such an obvious thing but what makes your eyebrows grow back quickest is putting down the tweezers… plucking can be an addiction and tweezing needs to be kept in check if you want your brows to grow back.  

The hair on the body grows in a cycle that lasts around 12-15 weeks.  Constant tweezing (some people tweeze every single day!) means that your hair can’t complete a full growth cycle without some hair being tweezed out and you end up in a viscous cycle of tweezing and regrowth coming through all the time.

So my number one piece of advice is – put your tweezers down!!!  (Or better yet, chuck them in the bin!)


2. Find a great Brow Stylist.

Finding a great Brow Stylist will ensure that you are getting advice from a properly trained eyebrow specialist.  People who offer genuine HD Brows services, use genuine HD Brows products and have undergone extensive training on facial symmetry and eyebrow design.  I also offer Supercillium Brow Henna as a more natural and longer lasting brow tint alternative.

HD Stylist

Why choose me as your Brow Stylist?

To me, eyebrows are as unique as fingerprints.  With 25 years experience as a hair and beauty professional and 8 years exclusively as a permanent cosmetics and eyebrow expert, I will work with you to create the eyebrows of your dreams.  

Whether you need microblading, permanent makeup, HD Brows, Henna Brows or a full regrowth programme, I will have a treatment solution that will suit you.  

3. Check into Brow Rehab.

What is a Brow Rehab programme?

The HD Brows treatments incorporates a combination of tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing, trimming, bespoke makeup and aftercare advice to map out the brows of your dreams.   

Using Supercillium Henna in place of regular brow tint, not only tints the hair but also stains the skin underneath your brows which can help to disguise patchy areas for longer too.

Brow Rehab is a treatment plan that is designed to achieve and maintain the brows you desire.  You will attend regular appointments and follow the advice of your Brow Stylist.  Packages for Brow Rehab are available on request. 

Rehab Programmes: What makes your eyebrows grow? The secret…

The secret to what makes your eyebrows grow during a regrowth programme is following your Brow Stylist’s advice to the letter.  Attend regular appointments so they can monitor your progress, usually around every 4-6 weeks.  Doing this means you’ll stay on top of your brow goals and won’t be tempted to reach or the tweezers and put yourself back to square one. 

hd brows maidstone
Amazing results after a full HD Brows Regrowth Programme

4. Invest in a good brow serum.

hd brow maximiser

The desire for thick, long lashes led to the creation of lash serums and the amazing results and popularity of these products, along with the growing trend for thicker, fuller brows resulted in the development brow serums. 

Brow Serums : What makes your eyebrows grow?  The science bit…

Brow serums promote faster and thicker, yet natural growth.  Like most cosmetics, most are very safe to use and contain ingredients such as fatty acids and conditioning peptides as well as essential nutrients and vitamins that condition and soften the brow hair as it grows, keeping your eyebrows glossy and healthy, much like a leave in conditioner.

Using a high-performance formula packed with scientifically proven ingredients will target and strengthen your brow hairs, so they appear fuller and more defined. 

Investing in a good quality brow serum will speed up regrowth and keep the brow hair in tip top condition.  

One of my faves is the Brow Maximiser by HD Brows, an eyebrow growth serum clinically proven to increase brow density by over 60% in just 4 weeks. The formula is enriched with 3D brow enhancers to visibly improve brow volume and bioavailable lipo-oligopeptide to deliver maximal stimulation. The formula helps with eyebrow growth for fuller looking brows.

The hypoallergenic formula is kind to skin, making it safe for use straight after HD Brows treatments. It’s also safe for use on lashes.

5. Learn how to fill your brows in properly.

Look at these fab results after a bespoke regrowth programme with HD Brows.  This lady achieved fuller, completely natural eyebrows by following all of the tip and tricks I have outlined above.

What makes your eyebrows grow?  Good Makeup!

It’s true! Using good brow makeup in the right colour and knowing how to fill your brows in properly, in between appointments will not only give you instaworthy brows all day long, it also means that you won’t be tempted to give up on your brow goals in between appointments and reach for the tweezers to try and even out an area you think may need a “tweak”.  

Getting your brows right isn’t as tricky as you may think.  Once you’ve got the right products and technique, it gets easier with each try.  Check out my previous blog post on how to draw eyebrows for my top tips on pencilling in your brows.  I can make makeup recommendations coach you through this at your first appointment with me too!

hd brows kent

Are you ready for the brows of your dreams?

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