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Mens Microblading : The Latest in Male Grooming

Mens Microblading : Hot New Trend or Here to Stay?

Mens microblading is a hot new topic in male grooming, but is it just the latest fad to hit the beauty rags or is it set to become a staple grooming treatment for men in the U.K? 

There is no doubt that the metrosexual male has arrived in the U.K. There has been a huge increase in male grooming products hitting the shelves in recent years as well as the U.S and the U.K seeing an enormous increase in male focused barber shops and salons opening up on the high streets. A trip to the barbers no longer simply consists of a short back and sides. Haircuts are now being offered up with a side order of hopi ear candling, hot towel shaves, beard grooming and eyebrow maintenance with mani/pedi’s for dessert. 

So, is it crazy to think with the increase in all of these services, that once upon a time were reserved for the female of the species, that mens microblading could be about to take off in a big way in the U.K? 

The U.S has always been a little ahead of the U.K when it comes to advances in permanent makeup. Many of the pigments and machines that are being used in the U.K are manufactured and developed in the U.S. so it stands to reason that one of the world’s hottest and leading artists in mens microblading can be found at  Perfect Frame Microblading in Los Angeles.

Meet Jonathan Paul Aumentado, one of the founders of Perfect Frame and the face behind the Perfect Frame brand who describes his microblading style as

“Natural, Soft, Undetectable”

In 5 short years, Jonthan has changed the face of mens microblading in the USA and is clearly a man after my own heart.  Here’s what he had to say when we caught up…

microblading for men
Jonathan Paul of Perfect Frame, Los Angeles

What first motivated you to offer mens microblading?

When I started 5 years ago I realized that there was a huge gap in the market – there weren’t a lot of artists showcasing mens microblading. 

This was a service that I myself really wanted, but I had a hard time committing to a place because I couldn’t see myself in a lot of the work out there. 

I created Perfect Frame with the intention to really hone in on male clientele and create a space they’d be confident receiving service from.

What do you feel, are the main differences in design between mens microblading and microblading for women?

My approach to mens microblading is really about enhancing and creating the brow individuals were naturally meant to have – there’s such a huge obsession with “set hair patterns” in this industry and it takes away from the artistic process of creating a brow that’s unique to the individual. 

mens microblading
mens microblading

What kind of guys generally visit you in your studio?

We have a huge range of individuals who visit our studio. 

I don’t think it boils down to a specific “type”, but the commonality among all of them is that they’re looking for a natural solution to enhance their overall appearance – microblading is that solution for many of them.

How popular is the Guy Brow in the US?

The guybrow is super popular here in America, but I think it’s gaining traction globally!
Before covid restrictions we’d have individuals flying in from all over to receive this service and because they aren’t able to do this we’ve created an online mens microblading course to help artists provide this service and have the guy brow more easily accessible across the world!


mens microblading
mens microblading

What’s your top advice to male clients looking for a great male brow artist?

 Look for an establishment where you see yourself in the work they’re producing.

It’s one thing to like the brows they create, its another to like the brows they create on a similar canvas to yours – the more diverse the portfolio the more equipped the artist is to handle your specific needs!

How does it feel to be considered a pioneer of microblading for men?

It’s surreal to even think that’s what Perfect Frame has become, but it’s also an honour.  

Seeing how much the industry has grown in the last 5 years is absolutely crazy and it’s so cool to see so many fresh, emerging artists/businesses really begin to flourish and make names for themselves. 

Microblading is mainstream now and it’s awesome to see brands really develop into more than just traditional PMU establishments.

mens microblading

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