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Latest Brow Trends : Soap Brows

Brow Trend Alert : Soap Brows 🚨🚨🚨

What are “Soap Brows”?

If, like me, you’re a little bit brow obsessed and you watch a lot of makeup tutorials on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, you may have heard of a new brow trend called Soap Brows.  

Hailed as a top beauty secret from the golden age of Hollywood, Soap Brows is a makeup technique that uses a spoolie brush and a good old fashioned traditional soap (a soap bar – the kind your nan used to have in the bathroom – yes, really!) to brush the brow hairs up to create a fluffy, full look to the eyebrows.

As strange as it may sound, makeup artists all lover the world actually use soap as a makeup product for brows in place of brow products due to it’s availability, affordability and supreme hold on brow hair. 

However, if you’re a bit of a product junkie like me, (I love a good quality product with beautiful packaging) you might want to look at getting yourself a lovely kit from the original Soap Brows product line by West Barn Co.

soap brows
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How can I create Soap Brows at home?

If you have unruly eyebrows, or have wanted to create the fluffy brow look but have had problems keeping those brow hairs in place, Soap Brows might be something you want to give a whirl.  

I love this essentials brow kit from West Barn Co. – the original Soap Brows product.  It has everything you need to create fab looking Soap Brows at home.  

The kit includes a Prep Mist which you spritz onto the Soap to moisten the product before using the applicator end of the Brow Brush to gather some soap.  You then apply the soap to your brows and leave them to settle for about a minute before using the spoolie end of the Brow Brush to brush into place and there you have it, fab Soap Brows that will last all day.

Soap Brows for Men

Like all trends, it has taken time for the Soap Brows trend to hit people’s radars and we are seeing more and more women sporting brushed up brows all over social media.  In actual fact, the ‘brushed up’ look has been around in some way, shape or form for quite a few years now.   

But, what about the guys?  Can men pull off Soap Brows too?

I’ve spent many an afternoon trimming both my father’s and my husband’s eyebrows in oredr to tame them – like many men, their eyebrows can just spiral out of control if left unchecked.

I think Soap Brows as a product, is actually a genius option for male grooming.  Especially for for those who want to tame and hold their brows in place without resorting to tinted or makeup like products.   

Soap Brows is a product that is clear and leaves no sheen or visible residue on the hair, so is perfect for guys that have unruly eyebrows.  Whilst you may not want to sport the brushed up look that the fairer sex are loving right now, this product may be the answer to taming those Groucho brows!


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The Soap Brows technique was used on male models at the NO.21 fashion show in Milan in January 2020


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