nipple tattooing kent

Nipple Tattooing Kent : The Cherry on the Cake

3D Nipple Tattooing in Kent

It can be tricky finding a tattoo artist skilled in the art of Nipple Tattooing in Kent. Kent has it’s fair share of permanent makeup and body tattoo artists, but very few are skilled and practised in the art of medical tattooing.

I first became fascinated with permanent makeup and medical tattooing in 2013 whilst working at a cosmetic hair loss clinic in West London. 

Working daily with clients losing their hair due to Alopecia, TTM (a condition which causes the sufferer to pull out their hair) and chemotherapy, whilst very rewarding, was absolutely heartbreaking.

I would hear stories every day about women who had suffered horrendous traumas in their lives only to be compounded when their hair began to fall out. 

I wanted to, I had to do more to help these beautiful women.  It was after several months that I decided to  train in permanent makeup and medical tattooing.

Nipple Tattooing Kent

Nipple Tattooing in Kent : The cherry on the cake.

nipple tattooing kent

When women lose their hair, it’s like they lose a part of themselves. For breast cancer sufferers who undergo mastectomy, not only do they often lose their hair due to chemotherapy, they literally lose a part of themselves.

Whilst mastectomy and reconstruction are wonderful, life saving procedures.  The scars they can leave behind are not only physical. 

Clients often express to me that whilst they are happy and grateful to be alive, the breasts they have been left with just don’t feel like “them” and they struggle to feel complete.

Nipple Tattoos are an amazing way to take control back and personalise your breasts after mastectomy.

Nipple Tattooing in Kent : 3D Nipple Tattoo Design

Those that have had a mastectomy may have had a nipple saving surgery that preserves the existing nipple.  All mastectomy surgery leaves physical scarring behind.  If you’d like advice regarding treating scars then please take a look at my scar treatment options here.

For those who have not had nipple saving surgery, a nipple tattoo can be the final step after a long journey. 

During the treatment I will create a design made to emulate the nipple on the other breast, if there is a nipple there. If not, I can work from  old photos to try to recreate the natural look of your nipples and areolas.

Before we begin the treatment, we will discuss the exact position, size and only once you have approved each aspect do I create my artistry.


Medical work is a true passion of mine which is why I believe I am now one of the most popular artists offering nipple tattooing in Kent.
nipple tattooing kent
3d Nipple Tattoo Design

Nipple Tattooing in Kent : Free Monthly Breast Clinics

If you or someone who know is looking for nipple tattooing in Kent, please do get in touch to discuss how I can help you.  


Monthly Pay With A Smile Clinic

nipple tattoo, 3D NIPPLE TATTOO, Sara Duane, Sara DuaneI offer these treatments completely free of charge to eligible candidates.  The current wait time is approximately 12 weeks.  

Private Medical Insurance

If you don’t want to wait and have private health care insurance you may be covered for these treatments under your policy. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Private Funding

If you don’t want to wait but do not have private healthcare insurance or sufficient coverage for these services you may self fund.

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For more information regarding my areola nipple tattooing in Kent or the monthly free breast clinics in Maidstone,please get in touch using the contact form below to arrange a call back or call me on 07736428509.

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