Microblading Removal

Microblading Removal : When Microblading Goes Wrong.

If you read beauty magazines and you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years,  may have heard of eyebrow microblading, but have you heard of permanent makeup and microblading removal?

Microblading is a revolutionary eyebrow treatment whereby tiny little hair like lines are expertly tattooed into the eyebrow in order to enhance the brow and make it look naturally fuller.  It takes a huge amount of knowledge and skill to produce results of a high standard. 

The increasing popularity of permanent makeup and microblading has sadly seen an influx of money hungry companies offering cheap, poor quality courses often with large groups learning from just one trainer.  

Unfortunately, this has resulted in a large number of inexperienced and under qualified artists offering permanent makeup and microblading treatments with inadequate knowledge and experience.  

Microblading Removal

As someone who treats a lot of people for microblading removal and corrective treatments, please believe me when I say, I do not want to be performing permanent makeup and microblading removal treatments!  If you’d like to avoid making a mistake, do your research and book in with a reputable and experienced artist and trainer such as myself.  Read my blog post on what to look for in a permanent makeup or microblading artist here.

What do I do if microblading goes wrong?

Microblading removal

So, what can you do if you’ve had Microblading or permanent makeup and you’re unhappy with it?  

If you have just had microblading or permanent makeup and you’re unhappy with it, the sooner you come in and see me the better.  At this stage, the best option will likely be an emergency microblading removal. 

I perform my emergency and non emergency permanent makeup and microblading removal treatments using a non laser specialist removal technique and a solution called LiFT

LiFT is a safe, non toxic, high content fruit seed extract solution extremely effective in the removal of unwanted pigment and can be performed on eyebrows, eyeliners and lips.

Emergency permanent makeup and microblading removal treatments can be done up to 48 hours after the microblading treatment and will remove up to 80% of the colour.  

If 48 hours or more have passed then you will need to allow the permanent makeup or microblading to heal for minimum of 4 weeks before we can address the results.  This is to ensure that the skin has adequate time to heal properly between appointments.  

At this stage you will no longer be eligible for emergency permanent makeup or microblading removal but we can perform a course of non emergency permanent makeup or microblading removal treatments.  

Depending on what you’d like to achieve, one or two permanent makeup or microblading removal treatments may be sufficient to redesign your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips.  More sessions may be necessary if total removal is required.  

Each client is treated based in their individual results and requirements.

Lift Removal after just one session done by Christina Warden

What if my microblading was done a while ago?

Microblading Removal

If you’ve been living with old, faded permanent makeup or microblading for a while then you may have several options to choose from.

If your old permanent makeup or microblading has faded by at least 50% then I may be able to redesign your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips straight away, with no removal/lightening or colour correction required. 

If your old permanent makeup or microblading has turned a funky colour such as red, pink, orange,purple, grey or blue then colour correction may be required before it can be redesigned. 

 This involves implanting some specific colours to correct the colour in the skin before redesigning the work.  Alternatively, removal may be a better option before redesigning the work.  This can be determined at a consultation. 

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