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5 great brow products to try during lockdown

There are so many options when it comes to looking for the best eyebrow product.     


 The government announced a few weeks back that it’s unlikely that hair and beauty salons will reopen before July and we continue to wait with bated breath on Boris’s update later this week…


I know you’re all chomping at the bit to get back tint our salons and clinics.  In the mean time home grooming has seen a huge rise due to the lack of access to professional services so I’ve been looking into the best eyebrow product to help keep you going until we can reopen.


If you’re looking to brush up your eyebrow skills or try a new product for growth or styling, now is a great time to try one of my recommendations for the best eyebrow product and test them out at home.  


Also, if your microblading or permanent makeup is in need of a refresh but you can’t get to the clinic for a little while for your annual colour boost.  Eyebrow makeup can be a short term saviour.

best eyebrow products

The best eyebrow product can be expensive and it’s always best to go on a recommendation, so which products are best for what and won’t break the bank?

1. The best eyebrow product for growth...

revitabrow advanced
Revitabrow Advanced 1.5ml £70

I’ve been using Revitalash Advanced for years for my lashes.  It is one of the best products I’ve ever tried for lash growth, so I can hand on heart recommend this product line for growth.

Revitabrow Advanced promises to enhance the look of luxurious eyebrows, for dramatic, natural beauty.  

It’s important to be realistic about results with any growth product.  If you over plucked years ago and hair has not grown intent area for years, a serum is unlikely to make much difference, however, if you have over plucked recently and want to speed up growth or fill in gaps in the eyebrows, then this product may be what you’ve been looking for.

2. The best eyebrow product for the "fluffy brow" look...

Givenchy Mister Brow Groom £20.50

Pre lockdown, eyebrow lamination was one of the latest eyebrow trends to hit salons up and down the UK.  

The fluffy brow look has become very popular, but how do you achieve it without access to a professional brow stylist? 

Enter Givenchy’s Mister Brow Fix Mascara, enriched with water and vitamin B5, this mascara for the brows is a fixing gel with a curved brush that allows you to brush the hair up and fixes it in place.  

Perfect for that professionally “glazed” look.

3. The best eyebrow product for the "blade and shade" look...

best eyebrow product
MAC Shape + Shade Brow Tint £19.50

Combination eyebrows or “blade and shade” is a combination of hair strokes and shading, giving a full and natural looking eyebrow.  

If you love the look of “blades and shade” eyebrows, this product is is great. 

Be prepared to sit down and spend some time testing this product out. 

This clever device comes with a precision pen to draw in hair strokes at one end and a powder applicator to shade in between at the other.

If you have a steady hand and good coordination and drawing skills, this product can give you the blades and shade look without the commitment.

4. The best eyebrow product for the "powder" look...

best eyebrow product
Benefit FoolProof Brow Powder Duo £22.50

Paired with one of my professional Party Queen brow pencils, Benefit FoolProof Brow Powder Duo is my ‘go to’ eyebrow product for filling in and giving my eyebrows maximum definition when applying a full makeup for a night out. 

It’s soft applicator gives a lovely soft finish and the two shades can be blended to give an ombré effect. 

This product is also perfect for covering up old microblading or permanent makeup if you’re in desperate need of annual colour boost!

A great addition to your makeup back to use along side your eyebrow microblading/permanent makeup.

5. The best eyebrow product for the "hair stroke" look...

L'Oreal Micro Tattoo Brow Artist
L'Oreal Micro Tattoo Brow Artist £9.99

Whilst it may be a mouthful, it is also one of there most affordable brow products on my list.  L’Oreal Micro Tattoo Brow Artist Pen is great for having a go at hair strokes yourself. 

From the name, it would seem, that L’Oreal are trying to replace the professional microblading or permanent makeup artist with a pen.

I’m sure we can all agree that whilst this is a great product, no product can replace the skill of a seasoned eyebrow stylist. 

Whilst a tricky product to use at first, with practise this highly pigmented pen can give the illusion of microbladed hair strokes.  

This clever little pen will deliver natural looking hair strokes and the pigment dries out quickly so it doesn’t smudge and lasts all day however, even if you master the art of hair strokes, sadly this product  will wash off each time you cleanse your face. 

Can't be bothered with makeup?

Me neither!!! Want to know more about Microblading and Permanent Makeup for the eyebrows?

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