The top 10 Microblading FAQs, Facts & Myths!

I am no longer shocked or surprised by what walks through my door in clinic.  As a leading industry artist and trainer, I see the good, the bad and the downright ugly.  

There has been an enormous rise in demand for treatments such as Microblading for the eyebrows, Semi Permanent Makeup, Eyeliner Tattooing, Permanent Lip Liner and Lip Tattooing.  The increasing interest has resulted in practically every beauty therapist up and down the country training in Microblading or Permanent Makeup.  

Nowadays, more than ever it is imperative that you do your research before committing to a Microblading or Permanent Makeup appointment.   Here I look at some not so typical Microblading FAQs, the things I encounter regularly and set the record straight …

1. Microblading is not a tattoo

Microblading FAQs

Yes it is!

I once had a client tell me during a consultation that she had never had microblading eyebrows or eyebrow permanent makeup done before.  The grey cast of colour behind her eyebrow hair told me otherwise. 

After about thirty minutes of discussion she eventually revealed that she’d had “eyebrow tinting” done with a needle whilst on holiday in Turkey.  

Of course this was not the client’s fault, she simply believed what the beautician had told her.

FACT : Microblading is a manual method of cosmetic tattooing and can be permanent!

TOP TIP : If a beauty treatment involves needles, ask plenty of questions!

2. Microblading fades faster than machine

Microblading Vs Combination Brows

This is one of the most common misconceptions in microblading FAQs.  Regardless of the method used, the length of time that results can last varies massively from person to person.  

Whilst it’s true that method can play a part where an individual is concerned, there are a number of factors that can affect the longevity of treatment results.  

Some of the factors that can affect longevity are the microblading healing process, age, skin type, microblading aftercare, sun exposure, client lifestyle, medical conditions and medications… the list goes on.

FACT : If done correctly, on the correct skin type, Microblading can last just as long as machine method. 

PRO TIP : Take your time and choose a technician that is trained in both manual and machine methods, this will help to ensure you choose the correct method for you!

3. Blondes cannot have Microblading

Microblading FAQs

“I don’t want SLUGS!”

I must hear this at least twice a week in clinic and discussing blonde eyebrow colours is one of the most common microblading faqs.   

Not all Microblading for blondes and permanent makeup for the eyebrows has to be dark.  The range of colours available or the brows is endless!  

I myself have over 30 eyebrow colours alone (I have a serious shopping habit!) ranging from pale, barely there blondes, through dark blondes, rich browns all the way to very dark browns.  There is literally something for everyone.

FACT : Blondes have more fun and CAN have Microblading

PRO TIP : Take your regular brow makeup to your consultation appointment and ask to see the range of colours.  Agree on a lighter shade for the first treatment, you can always go darker at the retouch.

Ultimately there is a lot more involved in choosing the correct colour for your brows than you may think so ensure you do your research.  You should trust the artist in this respect but it doesn’t hurt for you to investigate before committing.

4. Redheads cannot have Microblading

Microblading FAQs

Yes they can!


I wonder sometimes, how many redheads out there really like the idea of fuss free eyebrows, but are avoiding getting microblading or permanent makeup because they are worried about the colour being wrong.


There is a lot of knowledge and experience involved in choosing the correct colour for your brows so choose your artist carefully.

Take your regular eyebrow makeup to your appointment to show the artist what colours you’re trying to achieve. 

FACT : Yes, Redheads can also get microblading!

PRO TIP : Ask to see examples of healed results on red heads so you can be sure the artist understands red hair and skin.

5. Microblading causes scarring

Microblading FAQs

Can Microblading cause scarring?

If done incorrectly, yes it can. Poorly trained or inexperienced technicians are more likely to apply incorrect pressure and work too deep in the skin which may cause scarring.

Does Microblading cause scarring on everyone? 

No.  Skilled artists will work lightly and take care not to apply too much pressure to the skin.

FACT : Microblading generally only causes scarring in the hands of poorly trained, inexperienced technicians and artists. 

TOP TIP : I know, I know! I keep saying this but it’s so important.  DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Ask for reviews, ask to see heeled work, don’t scrimp on price, this is your face!

6. Microblading is painful

Microblading FAQs

I recently watched a supposed “microblading expert” perform Microblading live on morning television using a technique that even the Nazi’s would consider torture.  I nearly spat out my Weetabix. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I’ve also heard some truly horrifying stories from client’s that have been to other local “artists”. 

Microblading might be a little uncomfortable, it is a tattoo after all – but it should not be excruciatingly painful.  Whilst pain is subjective, if the artist has a good tight stretch on the skin and is working lightly then they should not be in contact with most of the pain receptors in the skin.

FACT : Microblading should not be painful.

TOP TIP : Do your research –  you will get a better treatment from an experienced artist.  Ask your artist first, if they agree, purchase some over the counter numbing cream such as Emla from your local pharmacy and apply 30 minutes before your appointment. This will help to control any discomfort. 

7. Microblading can be done at home

microblading faqs

Did you know that all Microblading, Semi Permanent Makeup Artists and Tattoo Artists are required to be licensed by their local authority? No?  Why would you?!  This is one of the microblading faqs that noone thinks to ask, but it’s so important.

Licensing involves having the premises inspected by the local health authority to ensure the workspace is safe and suitable for the type of treatments that are going to be performed. 

Licenses are issued to the individual and the premises and do not extend to other premises or anywhere outside the licensed premises including client’s homes.  

Suitable premises and licenses are often difficult to get and can be expensive which is the motivation behind unlicensed artists offering cheap treatments in peoples homes. 

It is not legal for treatments to be performed outside a licensed premises.  It is a crime for artists to perform Microblading in unlicensed premises and if  caught, the artist could face a fine of up to £1000 and even criminal charges.

FACT : Microblading/Permanent Makeup should only be performed in safe, suitable and licensed premises.

TOP TIP : Some artists work from home – this is perfectly fine if it has been licensed by the local authority, but don’t take their word for it.  Ask to see a copy of the artists license and do not, under any circumstances, allow someone to tattoo you in your home. (And do your research!)

8. Microblading does not look natural

eyebrow Microblading in Kent

Microblading involves applying tiny hair like strokes into the eyebrow in order to give the eyebrow structure, definition and volume.  

Microblading is usually considered the most natural looking technique.

If done well, Microblading can be almost undetectable and looks ultra natural, even when wearing no there makeup.

FACT : This is a matter of opinion but in my experience, hair strokes created using Microblading/Permanent Makeup is generally considered the most natural looking technique. 

TOP TIP : I often take a photograph of my client’s during the consultation and use my iPad and pencil to draw the different techniques so that they can get an idea of there result before committing.  Ask to see lots of different styles before decision which look you prefer.  Don’t follow the herd! (And do your research!)

9. Everyone can have Microblading

Microblading for eyebrows

It’s a common misconception that Microblading is just like any other beauty treatment and many think everyone can have it.  Sadly, this is not true…


Getting great results with microblading and permanent makeup is determined by you!  Things like your general health, any medications you may be taking, the condition of your skin and your lifestyle all play an enormous part in your result.  

Getting great results with microblading and permanent makeup is determined by you!  Things like your general health, any medications you may be taking, the condition of your skin and your lifestyle all play an enormous part in your result.  

FACT : Not everyone is a good candidate for these treatments

TOP TIP : Disclose any medical conditions, medications, allergies or skin problems before deciding if these treatments are for you. (Oh! And do your research!)

FACT : Not everyone is a good candidate for these treatments

FACT : Not everyone is a good candidate for these treatments

10. Microblading cannot be removed

microblading faqs

Uh Oh!  You’ve gone for the cheap option and now your eyebrows are grey or resemble a row of matchsticks.  What do you do?

Well, first of all, after over 6 years as a Microblading and Permanent Makeup specialist, I’ve seen it all and I’ve answered all of the microblading faqs you can think of – so don’t be embarrassed to call me.  It’s important not to waste time as the sooner I know about it, the sooner I can fix it for you!

Yes, Microblading is a tattoo so you will need professional help.  Do not under any circumstances attempt to fix this yourself.  

As a correction and removal specialist, I offer a treatment called Emergency Removal which if done within 48 hours of the Microblading or Permanent Makeup treatment can help to lift out some of the implanted colour.  

If you have old work that has turned a funky colour, then I can also correct the colour or lighten/remove if necessary.  

FACT : There is always something that can be done, so don’t panic – just pick up the phone and make the call.

TOP TIP : I’m going to say it one last time… DO YOUR RESEARCH! Anyone trained to put colour into the skin should be trained to take it out safely too.

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