how to apply eyeliner

How To Apply Eyeliner – 10 easy tricks from an eyeliner expert

Most women wear some type of eyeliner.  Some every day.  Not to brag, but I know a thing or two about how to apply eyeliner.  First of all, I wear eyeliner styles every day.  Second, I love tattooing eyeliner, alot!


Here I am going to share my top tips, step by step and explain how to apply eyeliner for different eye shapes, how to apply eyeliner for small eyes, how to apply liquid eyeliner, how to apply kohl eyeliner, eyeliner hooded eyes, eyeliner for almond eyes and more.  This guide will give you all the basic tips you need to create fab eyeliner looks with both liquid and pencil.

If you’re here, then you are probably wondering how to apply eyeliner perfectly or how to apply eyeliner for yourself.  The answer is practise! Life in lockdown has us all doing all sorts of things to keep busy, so why not try out this brief eyeliner tutorial on how to apply eyeliner yourself?

how to apply eyeliner

Choosing the right tools...

People say a bad workman blames his tools.  What they mean is that the person did not have enough skill to do the job well.  Where eyeliner is concerned, you definitely need the right products for the right eyeliner styles.  Cheap products tend to smudge easily and give rubbish results that don’t last very long, so don’t be afraid to spend a bit on quality products.  If you want to learn how to apply eyeliner yourself, easily and quickly, read on.

How to apply eyeliner LIQUID

liquid eyeliner
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Liquid eyeliner is a skill that takes time to master.  I took me years of practise to master this technique and now I know how apply eyeliner, liquid and kohl, in a matter of minutes.  However, it was not always so.  

So, what are the top 5 mistakes you might be making that turn your sleek cat eye into panda eyes instead?

1. You’re using the wrong kind of eyeliner

It’s worth spending time at a makeup counter and getting advice on the right kind of eyeliner for you.  It’s important to find a product that feels comfortable to use if you’re going to learn how to apply eyeliner well.

Yes, there are different kinds of liquid eyeliner!  Some come in a pen, as shown in the image.  Others are like a thin brush and some come in a pot with a brush applicator. Take the time to try out different products and find what feels comfortable for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask at the counter how to apply gel eyeliner as this is something that is best learned in person and is super tricky!

2. You’re trying to create a smooth line in one movement

Liquid eyeliner does not have to be one continuous line. Try creating lot of little lines and joining them together.  Once you have a good shape, go back over it and reinforce the line so it looks like one smooth line.  

3. You’re working too close to the lash line

Working too close to the lash line can cause the eyelashes to get in the way of the applicator or brush which can mess up your lines.  Work with a light pressure for more accurate results.

4. You’re pulling your eye when applying your liner

Try popping some measurement points in with your eyes open.  When you apply your eyeliner with eye closed and stretched, it looks very different when you realise the eye and open it.  For example, mark the beginning, middle and end of the eyeliner with the eye open, then close the eye to fill in the gaps.

5. You’re trying to go too big, too soon

One of the hardest things to master, how to apply eyeliner wing.  The trick is to start off keeping it subtle.  Start with a wedge look at the corner instead of a wing.  Get these even and practise and build the size of the wing from there.  

How to apply eyeliner with PENCIL

Eyeliners with pencil or even eyeliner with eyeshadows are great for more mature clients who want a soft and subtle look as well as anyone who wants a soft look.


Smoky eyeliner is much easier to apply than liquid eyeliner and these top tips will be a game changer!  Here I explain how to apply eyeliner with pencil easily and in the right places to enhance the shape and size of your eyes.  


1. Warm it up – Rolling your eyeliner between your hands will warm it up and make it softer and easier to apply.

2. Dash – dot . dash –  If you struggle to create a straight line, use a dash or dotting technique to apply the liner along the top and bottom lids, then use the smudging tool or a cotton buds to blend the liner together.

3. Sexy eyes – how to apply on bottom waterline.  I love a rimmed eyeliner for a sexy sultry look… pull down the bottom lid and rim the wet line if you want to create an extra sultry look to the liner.  Be careful not to apply to the eyeliner inner corner, you may end up with black eyes all night!

kohl eyeliner
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4. Set your liner – smoky liner tends to melt away by the end of the day/night. If you’re wondering whether to apply eyeliner or eyeshadow first, applying a light layer of eyeshadow or translucent powder onto[ off your eyeliner, it will set it and this means it will stay in place all night long.   

5.  How to apply eyeliner in the right place – It’s important to understand where to apply eyeliner.  This is particularly important if you are wondering about eyeliner for hooded eyes.  With eyeliner on hooded eyes or eyeliner for downturned eyes, you need to be careful not to enhance the flaw.  Typically, you should only fill about half the width of your eyelid with liner.  If you over fill your eyelid with eyeliner, you risk making your eyes look smaller and it can make you look tired, so be careful not to over do it with the eyeliner!

So, there you have it.  You can create beautiful crisp eyeliners with liquid liners, soft smoky liners with pencil or even create eyeliner using eyeshadow with the same techniques.  The best tip of all –  practise makes perfect! Spend some of your lockdown time trying these tips out and spend some of this time on yourself!  


If you're fed up with having to apply your eyeliner every day, why not have a consultation to see if permanent eyeliner is a good option for you?

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