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As a leading artist and trainer in my chosen profession of Permanent Cosmetics, naturally, I see many clients that have sub standard work performed elsewhere. Believe me when I say I have seen it (and corrected) it all.  From violet, orange and blue eyebrows to purple, brown and double lip lines and sadly, on more than one occasion – clients who have come to me with three eyebrows! 

Not all of my corrective cases are complete horror stories. In some cases a simple correction is all that’s required to fix the problem.  In other cases, some of the colour needs to be lightened or “desaturated” in order to improve and create beautiful results. 

Most people have heard of laser tattoo removal but are relatively unaware of the other methods of removal for unwanted or unattractive permanent makeup or microblading.  Even those who have heard of the different methods of tattoo and permanent makeup removal are oblivious as to how these methods actually work.  In this post, I aim to  dispel the myths about tattoo, microblading  and permanent makeup removal and help you understand your options and help you to decide what is best for you. 

Permanent Makeup Removal : Laser and Saline Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Removal

Both laser and saline removal are good, effective methods of tattoo, permanent makeup and microblading removal (and lightening), however the two methods work in completely different ways. 

Laser Microblading & Permanent Makeup Removal

Laser permanent makeup removal works by emitting a short pulse of intense light that is absorbed by the pigment/ink. The intense light breaks the pigment into smaller pieces to enable the laser to push the tiny fragments of pigment into the body’s lymphatic system. 

Unlike saline removal methods, laser removal is colour specific, meaning depending of the type of lasers used, only some of the colours will be removed.  Different lasers work at different wavelengths and target different colours at different depths within the skin.  This means that it can take a high number of sessions to remove a tattoo with a lot of colours in the design and some colours like white, cannot be removed by laser at all.

Lasers are often used as an effective hair removal method, therefore it stands to reason that laser tattoo removal can lead top hair loss in the areas that have been lasered. 

Laser removal can often cause blistering which can lead to scar tissue in the area that has been removed.  Once the old work has been removed to a satisfactory level, you may wish to have a new design.  Skin that has had laser removal can often be difficult to tattoo after. This is not ideal, especially in the case of brows. 

Lasers are difficult to use around the eyes.  Some practitioners use special metal ocular shields to protect the eyes during laser removal. These are notoriously difficult to fit and very uncomfortable to wear, so finding someone prepared to offer laser removal on the eyes is very hard.

The healing process is roughly 7 to 10 days.  With some lasers, you may experience blisters, which can prolong the healing process.

permanent makeup removal

Saline Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Removal

With saline permanent makeup removal, a salt and saline solution is tattooed directly into the area to be removed using a tattoo needle and is a similar sensation to having permanent makeup or a tattoo applied. 

We use the process of tattooing to deliver the product right to where it is needed in the skin. Saline removal uses Osmosis and the healing process, to bring the ink to the surface of the skin where it heals out and is actually removed from the body. 

When tattooed in, the high concentration of salt in our LiFT saline removal product targets the water surrounding the ink in the skin, encapsulates the pigment particles and draws them up to the surface of the skin.  This is a process called Osmosis.

LiFT Saline Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Removal

  • Any Colour

    Unlike laser, LiFT is not colour specific and can be used to remove any colour, even white.

  • Any Area

    Unlike laser, LiFT removal can be safely used on any area of the face or body. Even eyeliner and lip liners.

  • Safe

    Treatments can be safely performed every 8 weeks.

  • Affordable

    Starting at £90 per session, LiFT is an afordable option for most.

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