How much money do Permanent Makeup Artists make? (and other popular FAQs about training)

Training in Microblading & Permanent Makeup FAQs

So, you’re thinking about training in microblading and permanent makeup? Perhaps you even dream of progressing to offer medical services such as 3D Nipple Tattooing as well as scar treatments or even scalp micro pigmentation.  A world of opportunity awaits you in a highly rewarding and lucrative industry.


You must have a million questions you’d like answered.  In this blog post, I aim to answer some of those questions and to help you understand how to build a career in microblading and permanent makeup, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned beauty pro. 

training in microblading

How long does training in microblading and permanent makeup take?

You will begin your training in microblading and permanent makeup from the comfort of your own home via my online learning platform.  From the day you enrol, you will be given full access to all of the information you will need to kickstart your new career. You will complete 10 units of online pre study before attending your in person training at one of my approved training locations. 

Typically students take anything between 3-12 months to complete a fundamentals training in microblading or permanent makeup.  My training courses are designed to be ultra flexible, meaning that you can complete your training at your own pace. 

What qualifications do I need?

There are no qualifications required for training in microblading or permanent makeup. All you need is the desire to do well and be prepared to out in the time and practise to become and amazing artist.  It’s usually recommended that those without a medical background wanting to train in medical tattooing, complete training in permanent makeup (machine methods) before progressing onto medical tattooing such as areola and 3d nipple tattooing.

Do I need to be able to draw?

There is definitely an advantage to having an artistic eye in this industry however, having a desire to learn and the determination to develop your skills will take you much further than natural ability in this industry.


Do I need to sit an exam?

Not all students thrive under academic pressure and I don’t feel it’s fair to put my students under this kind of pressure unnecessarily. Unless you go on to do a level 4 qualification, there is no need to complete a formal written exam.  There are some online quizzes to complete at the end of each online pre study unit which are quick and quite simple and designed to assess whether or not you are understanding what you’ve read.

After you have completed your fundamental training in microblading or permanent makeup and submitted a portfolio of case studies, you will be invited to be assessed in person.  During your assessment you will complete a procedure from start to finish to demonstrate that you can perform the treatments safely.  

What about case studies?

You will be required to submit a portfolio of case studies after your practical training, before you will be invited to complete your assessment.  This will be evidence that you have performed treatments to an acceptable standard, unassisted in your own workspace. The number of case studies varies depending on the course you are enrolled on.

What’s a level 4 qualification?

All of my training courses are designed with content that is equivalent to a level 4 and are privately accredited by ABT. Completion of a private course with me will provide you with an accredited certification upon completion of your course and assessment. 

A level 4 qualification (usually VTCT or ITEC) is a vocational qualification required by some local authorities but not all.

If you live in an area where a level 4 qualification is required then this can be arranged via our VTCT training partners who offer a level 4 qualification conversion assessment at an additional cost.

How much does it cost to train in permanent makeup?

I offer training courses to suit all budgets.  Courses start at just £1595 to train in a single area such as brows, eyeliner or lips. Alternatively, if you prefer you can train in all three areas at once from just £3995. These prices currently include VAT. Prices are correct at time of publish but are subject to change. 

How much money can I make after training in microblading and permanent makeup?

The average cost of a brow procedure, (which is the most popular treatment by far) is around £395. Once you deduct the cost of materials and other business costs, around £370 of that amount is profit. Performing just 3 full eyebrow procedures per week can earn you over £1000.  This is unlikely to happen immediately, as you’ll need to price yourself according to your skill level and build your skills and reputation but the potential earnings are very high.


What should I look for in a trainer?

I like to offer a personal service with my training courses. Training in microblading or permanent makeup with me, means you will be working with ME (in Maidstone) or with me, alongside 2 other students (in Brighton).  I like to  deliver ALL of my training courses personally, I never outsource to other trainers, so you know who will be training you from enrolment to completion (and you won’t be getting a random stranger you’ve never met or spoken to before teaching you). 

What will I learn on your course?

All of my microblading and permanent makeup training courses include everything you need to know to get the best possible start in the industry.  This includes :

  • Industry terminology and the history of permanent makeup.
  • Licensing, insurance and waste collection.
  • Health and safety.
  • Consultations and paperwork.
  • Tools, equipment and supplies.
  • Anatomy and physiology.
  • Colour science.
  • Designing eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.
  • Permanent makeup techniques for all areas.
  • Aftercare and how the body heals after permanent makeup.
  • Business advice including marketing as well as support and mentorship.

Where can I train with you?

I offer my training courses  in Maidstone in Kent and in Brighton in East Sussex.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply get in touch!

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