Permanent Makeup for redheads

Permanent Makeup for Red Heads

Kissed by Fire... Permanent Makeup for Red Heads

Permanent Makeup for redheads does exist. Until meeting me, many of my red haired clients didn’t know that there were Permanent Makeup options for them. I hear so many concerns when meeting red headed clients for the first time. Being a natural red head myself, I’ve been through the same struggles.  After decades of research and development into makeup for redheads, you can rest assured if you decide to opt for a permanent solution to your cosmetic woes, you’ll be in the best hands with me.

Finding Good Makeup for Red Heads : The Struggle is Real

l“I don’t want dark eyebrows” This is what I hear from almost every red haired client I meet. Understandably having red hair comes with the added complication of finding cosmetics that are right for our particular skin tone/colouring. As a teenager in the 90’s, I remember really struggling to find foundation that didn’t give my skin an orange tinge.  If you look at photographs of me from that era, I either look like a ghost or an Oompah Loompah.  Good makeup for redheads can be very hard to come by. 

 After years of searching, I have found that there are a few mainstream makeup brands that offer good options for foundations, I am currently using Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick SPF 25 which gives a natural light coverage, comes with a pink or yellow undertone and has a built in SPF, essential for redheads!  Finding eyebrow makeup for redheads that works well can be quite a bit trickier.  Many eyebrow powders, pencils and pomades tend to be either too dark or too ashy for our complexions.  This is where Microblading and Permanent Makeup can help.

Makeup for Red Heads : Eyebrows

The range of pigments I use from Permablend, offer lots of options from a rusty Burnt Sienna to a Strawberry Blonde so there’s a tonne of options and even if there isn’t a perfect match for your specific shade of copper, I can custom blend the pigments to create a shade of your very own.

I only use the BEST quality pigments from Permablend USA. These pigments tick all my boxes when looking for a high quality product.

✅ Cruelty Free

✅ Vegan Friendly

✅ Hypoallergenic

✅ Sterile

✅ Complaint with EU medical standards

✅ Long Lasting

✅ True to colour

PLUS Permablend have over 100 different pigments for brows, eyes, lips, scalp and medical tattooing.

There are so many eyebrow shades from greys, blondes, coppers, browns and almost blacks. Whatever your hair and skin colour I can custom blend a colour to match your requirements perfectly.

A few of my favourite pigments for brows from Permablend main range are (clockwise from top left) Tina’s Gold Sunrise, Burnt Sienna, Roxy and Ginger Brown. All of these colours and more can be custom blended to create the perfect shade of copper for you.

Tinas Gold Sunrise
Tinas Gold Sunrise
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Roxy Brown
Roxy Brown
Ginger Brown
Ginger Brown
Tones of Permablend Set 1
makeup for redheads

Redheads tend to fall on the lighter end of the skin tone spectrum.  These kits from The Clinical Academy and Permablend USA have some great options for microblading and brow permanent makeup for redheads.  Set 1 is for our strawberry or rose gold blondes and Set 2 is for our coppers and auburns.  With six colours on each set, a custom colour can be blended bespoke for you.

My favourite colours for redheads from Set 1 and Set 2 are Strawberry Blonde, Red Riding Hood, Chocolate Cherry and Trusty Rusty.  I love using Trusty Risty to warm up some of the “browner” colours in the same kit.  Equally, adding Red Riding Hood to any of the blondes in Set 1 warms up these blondes perfectly, so they can be used for red heads too.

Makeup for Red Heads : Eyeliner


“I don’t want black eyeliner!” 

Also, something I hear often from my red haired clients.  No problem. Permablend Pigments are designed to be used anywhere on the face or body so if you want a warm dark brown permanent eyeliner like Darkest Brown, to accentuate baby blue eyes or a lighter earthy brown like Forest Brown to high light hazel, grey or green eyes there is an option for everyone   

Darkest Brown
Permablend Forest Brown

Makeup for Redheads : Lips

Redheads tend to have quite blue or pink undertones to the lips, this can indicate not of blood under the surface that can affect the outcome of our colour choice.  One of my favourite lip colours for red heads is Blushed rom the main Permablend range.  Its a soft and warm peachy coral that works on just about any skin tone but works particularly well for redheads, especially those on the lighter end of the scale. 

Another amazing option for more adventurous redheads is Lady Bug, a stunning orangey red which packs a punch. 

 These two colours can also be mixed in different ratios to give custom results.  Why not come to a consultation to see how they would look on you?

Permablend Blushed
Permablend Lady Bug

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