Lip Pigments

Lip Tattoos: Achieving Perfect Lip Colour

Lip Tattoos are one of the latest crazes sweeping the world of beauty.  Have you been thinking about having your lips tattooed? It’s certainly becoming more and more popular with my clients and with a new range of Permablend Lip colours, there’s a lot to be excited about.

I often ask my lip client’s to bring their ideal shade of lip colour to their consultation to give me an idea of the result they are trying to achieve from their lip tattoo. This helps me to understand the used to wearing on a daily basis and custom blend the pigments to match their desired colour. From time to time, I am asked for a very subtle and natural look which is also fine too. Bright or dense colours are not for everyone so i’m always happy to advise and test the more nudey and natural options as well. There really is something for everyone.

The pigment range I use, Permablend, is vegan, cruelty free and offers longer lasting results than ever before thanks to it’s high density of pigment.  Perfect for a lip tattoo, getting beautiful and amazing results which stand the test of time.

Lip Pigments

How Lip Undertone affects your Lip Tattoo Result

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Warm, Neutral and Cool Skin Tones

To choose a lip colour that will stand the test of time I always analyse and consider your natural skin undertones. Skin tone usually falls into one of three categories, warm, neutral or cool. As all of my clients are at least 18 by the time they get to me, any natural warmth is likely to have diminished which means that the majority of my clients are either perfectly neutral, meaning they can pretty much choose a colour off the shelf and it will heal true to colour, or they have some cool undertones to consider. This is such an important part of the lip tattoo process as choosing colours that are too cool, often results in an unflattering tint.

The best way to neutralise any cool undertones is by choosing a warm colour such as Permablend Blushed, a gorgeous peachy pink or Lady Bug, a beautiful orange red or custom blending a warmer colour with a cooler colour for balance. Whatever your undertone, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we can custom blend a colour to perfectly suit your needs.

If you are thinking about lip tattoos or would like more information on what can be achieved, get in touch today!


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