Microblading Training Kent

Microblading Training Kent - From £1595

If you’re looking for Microblading Training Kent, then look no further. 

Are you looking to join the huge community of microblading artists around the world? Then welcome to the Microblading and Permanent Makeup Industry!

The Best Value Microblading Training Kent

Microblading perfectly blends art and science in one skill.  Perfecting the intricate art of microblading and becoming the best, begins with amazing training.   

Learn the fundamental skills you need to become a knowledgable and skilled microblading artist.  Benefit from learning in an actual working environment, rather than a training school – with an experienced trainer who is completely focussed on you and your success.

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So, you’re thinking about training in Microblading?

Whether you’re a complete novice who is looking to begin a new career, a seasoned beauty professional or a tattoo artist looking to learn a new skill, my in depth and extensive training courses are the perfect platform to launch your career in the microblading and permanent makeup industry. 

My name is Sara Duane.  My own career in the hair and beauty industry began in hairdressing over 25 years ago. My hairdressing career eventually led me into the world of hair loss when I joined the amazing team at the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy in West London – a cosmetic hair loss clinic.  Working with Alopecia clients every day, inspired me to train in Microblading and Permanent Cosmetics and develop my own technique of creating eyebrows for Alopecia sufferers.  

Fast forward almost a decade. I am now one of the U.K’s leading Microblading & Permanent Makeup Experts & Trainers.  Several years ago I was asked to teach for one of the U.K’s leading Permanent Makeup training schools.  

I now demonstrate my passion for teaching and growth within the Permanent Makeup & Microblading industry through education, sharing my knowledge and experience through my own training courses which I deliver one to one in Kent and in small groups in Sussex. 


microblading training kent

Why Choose Me as Your Trainer & Mentor?

One to One

One to One Microblading Training Kent.

No Large Classes.

Best value for money available.

Blended Learning

Learn Online & In Clinic.

Blended Microblading Training Kent and Sussex.

Learn the theory at your own pace before beginning practical training.


My in depth and extensive training manual is the blue print for a successful career in the Microblading industry.

Everything you need to know in an easy to navigate document. 


Practical trainings are adapted to the students skill level. 

Learn all the skills you need to create amazing brows from day one.  




Benefit from unrivalled lifetime support after training. 

I will be your trainer AND mentor for as long as you want me to be.

Competitive Pricing

And flexible payment options.

Pay in full or spread the cost over

12 interest free payments.

What will you learn?

  • What micropigmentation is, what microblading is, some of the terminology used and the difference in methods and tools.
  • What you will need to get started, the workspace, licensing and insurance, waste collection and some of the government legislation that applies to our industry.
  • Your responsibilities with regard to health and safety, the Aseptic technique and how to keep yourself and your clients safe.
  • We investigate the important skills required to perform a professional consultation and manage your clients, required paperwork and the importance of record keeping.
  • Anatomy & Physiology. A basic knowledge and understanding of the functions of the human body. 
  • A good understanding of the basic principles of colour theory and how we use this science in micropigmentation.
  • The design process, colour selection and shape.
  • Technique, application and the fundamental skills you need to master to achieve perfect implantation.
  • Post treatment care, after care products and ingredients and the retouch and annual colour boost appointments.
  • BONUS MATERIAL : Business advice based on my years of experience in the beauty industry.

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