signs of breast cancer

12 Common Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Know About

12 Signs of Breast Cancer

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women? That’s why it’s important to be familiar with the 12 signs of breast cancer.

Breast cancer affects over 55,000 women every year in the United Kingdom alone. While most breast cancer symptoms are easy to identify, others are not so easy to spot. Some of these symptoms can also be caused by other health issues so it’s important to know what the early symptoms of breast cancer are, so that you can seek medical advice and treatment. A large percentage of these are red flags you should never ignore.

We’ve all heard the saying prevention is better than cure. The first and most important step in treating breast cancer is catching it early. In order to identify if you have cancer or not, the symptoms need to be investigated thoroughly.

signs of breast cancer

The 12 Signs of Breast Cancer :

 1. Thick Area

2. Dimpling

3. Nipple Crusting

4. Red or Hot

5. New Fluid 

6. Skin Sores

7. Bumps

8. Enlarged Veins

9. Depressed Nipples

10. Changes in shape or size

11. Orange Peel Skin

12. Lumps

12 Signs of Breast Cancer : KNOW YOUR LEMONS!​ 🍋

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. In my efforts to find information to share to raise awareness about breast cancer, I found the Know Your Lemons website which is an amazing organisation dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer and teaching people how to recognise the signs of breast cancer and identify symptoms that could indicate something isn’t right.

The information on Know Your Lemons is also available as a handy app which is a period tracker, self exam guide, risk calculator, guide to mammograms and more  which can be downloaded below!


Period tracker, self-exam guide, risk calculator, mammograms and more.


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