microblading & permanent makeup

PERMANENT MAKEUP : for the brows

Microblading £395

Dubbed the ‘future for brows’ by Vogue magazine, Microblading is a brow boosting procedure that’s taking the beauty world by storm.  So natural and intricate that it’s often described as ‘brow embroidery’, micro fine hairs are placed in between your natural brow hairs to give fuller, more beautiful brows. Ideal for clients that have some sparse brow hair and require gaps to be filled in.

Please note that a minimum of two appointments are necessary to complete the treatment and a patch test is required.


3D Nano Brows £395

For those who want beautifully defined natural looking eyebrows with a more precise result when compared to Microblading, nano brows are the answer.  Brows are enhanced using a traditional Permanent Makeup hair stroke technique and using an ultra fine needle giving it a full, yet soft and natural look. Ideal for those who have over plucked brows and need a new shape.

Please note that a minimum of two appointments are necessary to complete the treatment and a patch test is required.


Ombré/Powder Brows £395

This technique mimics the effect you get when using a conventional brow pencil or powder.  If you love the look of a powdered brow then this is the choice for you.  A soft shaded effect is used to enhance the brow and add lots of definition and wow factor.

For an Ombré effect Sara can also make the shading lighter at the bulb and heavier along the bottom of the brow to give a beautiful soft look if required.

Please note that a minimum of two appointments are necessary to complete the treatment and a patch test is required. 


Fusion Brows  £395

Sara uses a fusion of techniques, usually a combination of light shading and hair strokes to create a perfectly blended full brow for clients who suit a combination of techniques.  This technique is ideal for clients with oily skin types and perfect for Alopecia sufferers to create a full brow with texture and definition. 

Please note that a minimum of two appointments are necessary to complete the treatment and a patch test is required.




PERMANENT MAKEUP : for the Eyes   

Eyeliner that lasts long after the party is over! Sara’s Permanent Eyeliners can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like.  Sara ’s Eyeliners or Lash Enhancers are smudge proof with no running and no panda eyes. They are swim proof, shower proof, gym proof and survives even the saddest of movies in style. Please note that a minimum of two appointments are necessary to complete the treatment and a patch test is required. 


Fine & Natural Liner  £295

Designed to subtly enhance the natural lash line and add definition.  Perfect for those who want a subtle and natural look or just want to make their eyes pop when not wearing mascara. Available for the top and bottom eyelids.



Medium Everyday Liner  £395

If you wear liner everyday and want to take the stress and time out of your makeup routine then Sara’s medium everyday liners are the perfect solution.  Clean and crisp with or without a flick.

Add extra drama to your medium everyday liner with a latino flick for £100.



Medium Kohl Effect Liner  £395

If you prefer a medium eyeliner but with a softer finish then a Kohl Effect Liner will give you the smoky, sultry look you desire.  Available with or without a flick.

Add a flick effect for £100.



Thick & Bold Liner  £495

For a more dramatic but clean line, Sara’s thick and bold liners are an amazing way to have perfect liner every single day.  Available for the top eyelid only.

Add extra drama to your top thick and bold liner with a latino flick for £100.


Add a Fine & Natural Liner to the bottom eyelid.  +£100

Add a Medium Everyday Liner or a Medium Kohl Effect Liner to the bottom eyelid.  +£150



PERMANENT MAKEUP : for the Lips 

The perfect pout, whether you simply want a crisper lip line, a soft blush effect or a full lip tint, Sara’s Permanent Lip treatments are the perfect way to restore shape and fullness lost with age and transform thin or uneven lips.  Smudge proof and even kiss proof; invest in full, sensual lips 24/7.

Lip Definer £295

Lip Definer & Blush £495

Lip Definer & Full Lip  £495

PERMANENT MAKEUP : Correction & Removal 

Correct or remove unsightly or unwanted Permanent Makeup safely.  No harsh chemicals or lasers. Sara uses either a custom blended pigment to restore old enhancements to a more pleasing colour or a salt saline removal technique which lifts old permanent makeup out of the skin gradually, using the safest most gentle method available.  Multiple sessions and a lot of patience will be required.

correction / removal (per session) £90



additional retouches £100

All of Sara's prices include one complimentary retouch within 4-12 weeks to adjust and perfect the results of the initial procedure.  Whilst most clients achieve the results they desire within 2 visits, in some cases, an additional appointment/appointments may be required.  This could be due to lifestyle choices (e.g tanning/facial treatments/botox), skin type, medical conditions, medications and/or not adhering strictly to the aftercare instructions.  Should additional appointments be required these would need to be performed in 4 week intervals.  Terms and Conditions apply.



Sara will require you to come back and visit every 6-12 months for a colour boost to keep your results looking fresh and avoid fading of the enhancement.  

colour boost within 6 months (1 application) £100

Colour boost 6 - 12 months (1 application) £150

PLEASE NOTE THAT COLOUR BOOSTS AFTER 12 MONTHS WILL BE NEED TO BE ASSESSED in person.  A single application colour boost may not be sufficient to restore your brows to their former glory. In these cases, you will be charged the set price per application.  Most old enhancements can be restored within 2 applications where there is no correction or removal required.  These prices are for returning client's only.  If you have had previously had Permanent Makeup or Microblading with another technician then a consultation will be required to determine the correct course of treatment.