Sara Duane


Permanent Eyeliner

Do you have sparse lashes? Do you spend a lot of time in the morning trying to achieve the perfect cat eye? Maybe you hate having to apply your eyeliner every day or hate having to remove it every evening? If so, my Permanent Eyeliner treatments may be the answer to your prayers.

Permanent Eyeliner has staying power that can outlast even the saddest movie and is fast becoming the way to cut your morning makeup routine in half. Hailed by Vogue magazine as the way to achieve “undetectable definition for the eyes”, my Permanent Eyeliner treatments offer results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you desire.

My Permanent Eyeliner Treatments

I offer a range of Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Treatments to enhance the eyes. Results range from subtle, soft and natural to the ultra drama of a clean, crisp cat eye.

Look amazing from the moment you wake up. My aim and passion is to make you look and feel your absolute best, enhance your natural features and give you the confidence you need to face the day with expertly applied permanent makeup for the eyes.


Wings and Wedges

So what IS a wing? Or indeed, a wedge? Well, simply put these are the names we give to the shape created at the outer corner of a permanent eyeliner. Anyone who has mastered regular liquid eyeliner will tell you that they didn’t acquire this skill overnight. It probably took lots and lots of practise and a very steady hand to achieve perfection. Even then, with the skill mastered, all it takes is a knock at the door or a badly timed sneeze to ruin an otherwise perfect eyeliner.

Winged Eyeliner, also known as the “Cat Eye” is a very popular style of eyeliner that looks best on round eyes as it creates width and elongates the eye beautifully. This style of permanent eyeliner should be avoided on more mature eyes as if the skin at the corner of the eye is not smooth, the wing can appear misshapen.

Wedged Eyeliner is a great option for those who have almond shaped or close set eyes or as an alternative style for those who aren’t good candidates for a winged permanent eyeliner.  The accent on the outer corner is usually thicker than a wing, and draws focus to the outer corner giving the illusion of a youthful and wide eyed look.   This style should be avoided by those with naturally wide set eyes as it can enhance this.

The Eyeliner Tattoo : What to expect

If you’re considering permanent eyeliner, then naturally, you will want to know what to expect from the treatments, it’s good to know that :

  • A full consultation and patch test is performed a minimum of 48 hours before treatment.
  • Lash extensions should ideally be professionally removed at least 1 week before treatment.
  • Lash serums should be discontinued at least 8 weeks before treatments as they can thin the skin and affect the result.
  • Contact lenses should be removed the night before treatment and not reapplied for 24 hours after. It’s a good idea to bring your glasses with you.
  • There is very little down time after the treatment. No time off work is required.
  • Eyes can be quite puffy immediately after the treatment, so it’s best not to make social plans on the day of your appointment. This usually subsides within 24 hours.
  • Healing can take 7-10 days.
  • Eyes can be a little dry and flaky during healing.
  • The colour will look stronger and darker for the first few days after the treatment.
  • You can expect some colour loss during healing. I recommend a retouch to boost the results within 12 weeks which is included in the price.
  • The treatment is not painful, most clients experience only minor discomfort.