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Microblading Vs Combination Brows

Microblading Vs Combination Brows

There are two major ways to improve your eyebrows with cosmetic tattooing… tattooing with a microblade or a machine. Both tools can give different effects and results and can also be used together.

The Microblade Versus the Machine for Tattooing Eyebrows - What's Better?

If you’ve tried to draw an eyebrow and failed, there’s a good chance you’ve looked for a solution online. Many of the DIY eyebrow pencil kits available online are simply ineffective and lead to unattractive looks such as the block brow or as many of my clients call them “slugs”.

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of a microblade versus a machine for tattooing eyebrows and how both tools can be used to create Combination Eyebrows.

Many people have asked me which is better, the microblade or the machine for tattooing eyebrows. It seems like every day there is a new technique or eyebrow trend that is being hyped as being better than the last. But which is really better? Microblade or machine?

1. What is a Microblade?

2. How to Choose Between a Microblade and a Machine for Eyebrow Tattooing

3. What are Combination Eyebrows?

4. Conclusion

Microblading Vs Combination Brows

Microblading Vs Combination Brows

1. What is a Micro Blade?

Microblades are hand held cosmetic tattooing tools that have tiny needles that are soldered together in a configuration that are usually flat or round in shape and are used to implant colour under the skin.

Flat blades are used to create hair like lines called hair strokes and round blades are used for shading, which is often called powdering. Microblades are traditionally used on the eyebrows but some artists do use them on the eyes or the lips as well. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that microblading after chemo is a new procedure that is used to replace what has been lost due to cancer treatment, but in fact these options have been around for a while. In the last few years, there has been an increased interest in and permanent makeup and microblading after chemo.  

Microblading is a very popular beauty trend and it’s quickly become a major industry. There are many celebrities who have had microblading treatments inclsuing Lena Dunham and Helen Mirren.

Microblading FAQs

There are many people who are trying this method of tattooing. However, this trend is beginning to fade in popularity as other methods are becoming available and more people are becomuig aware of the variety of techniques now available.

Microblades come in different designs and shapes. There are some artists who believe that microblades are not as safe as the machine method and there is some evidence to support this. But, that doesn’t mean that these microblades are not effective, especially when creating fine hair strokes. in the eyebrows.

These tools can be used to help you achieve different kinds of looks. For example, if you want to add just a bit of definition to your eyebrows, then you can opt for microblading as the results are often very natural. However, for some the results are too natural which is when we ask, Microblading Vs Combination brows – which is better?

Microblades can be used to create hairstrokes in the eyebrows and they can also be used to shade the eyebrows as in a powder or ombre look eyebrow.

For men wanting to improve their eyebrows or create a more masculine look, Microblading can also be used for that purpose. 

Microblading Vs Combination Brows

2. How to Choose Between a Microblade and a Machine for Eyebrow Tattooing

There are two basic types of tools available for cosmetic tattoo artists who want to get into the business of eyebrow tattooing. The first, as we’ve already discussed, is the microblade, which is made to be light-weight and compact. The second is the machine, which has many more features and functions than a microblade.

As the client, which do you choose? Microblading or machine?

Like anything, the answer to this question is, it depends on which tool is better suited to the job. Really, it’s your artist’s call as they are the ones who are performing the treatments and have the experience to know which is the best tool to achieve the desired result.

It’s safe to say that one of the most important factors when choosing tools is skin type. Your artist should know which tools get the best results with different skin types.

Lots of artists are only trained with one tool, either the manual microblade or the machine. Your artist may not have a lot of experience with machines and if you’re not sure if they’ve been trained in this method, then the microblade may be the way to go, or it may be better for you to find a different artist that offers both methods. 

Microblades do not have a power supply so rely on the pressure and skill of the artist being right to cut open or puncture the skin, without causing irreversible damage, in order to implant the colour in the correct part of the skin. This is a tricky task and is difficult to learn and so is often done incorrectly. Microblading, like any tattoo, shoud only be performed by highly skilled and experienced artist. 

Machines can cause also good or bad results and like the microblade, a machine in the hands of an inexperienced or poorly trained artist can also cause unwanted results. 

The machine method implants colour into the skin in a slightly different way to the microblade. The machine has a power supply that drives a motor, which pushes a needle cartridge in and out at a very high speed producing a series of tiny punctures in the skin. The machine does more of the work for the artist so alot of pressure is not required to do the job. 

Depending on the technique and skill of the artist, more oftern than not, the skin can recover and heal from the machine method more quickly and more easily than the microblade method and therefore, many artists believe that the machine method is safer.

Once you’ve decided you want to get an eyebrow tattoo, you’ll need to decide if you’re willing to put in some time and energy to learn where to get the perfect one. There are plenty of options in both the world of machines and in the world of the artistry of microblades.

Microblading Vs Combination Brows

3. What's the difference between microblading and combination brows?

combination eyebrows

Microblading Vs Combination Brows​ : What’s the difference?

As we’ve established, a microblade is a manual tool used to create a cosmetic tattoo, usually for the eyebrows. Microblading has become a common term used for the hairstroke technique of tattooing eyebrows. 

Combination eyebrows are a style of eyebrows that combines both hair strokes (Microblading) and shading. 

Combination brows, also known as combo brows and blade and shade eyebrows, are a great option when clients want hair strokes, but hair strokes alone do not achieve the desired amount of fullness or volume to the eyebrows.

Adding shading as well as hair strokes to the eyebrows creates a more 3D eyebrow. This option is great for those with alopecia as it creates a very natural looking result. 

Microblading Vs Combination Brows

4. Conclusion

For people who are looking for cosmetic tattooing, they should find a reputable artist who will give them the best service. In order to find the best artist, they should check out online forums or reviews to see what other clients have to say about them. Don’t be afraid to also contact them by phone and talk to them to find out if they have done any work for people who have requested similar results to what you want.

The best artists will usually have a lot of experience and they can provide the highest quality of work and will be able to offer people something they really love. My advice is to go to an artist who has the benefit of being trained in all methods of cosmetic tattooing, has a large portfolio of work and lots of client reviews. 

If they are trained in both microblade and machine methods, they are more likely to recommend the method they see as the best fit for your particular set of requirements, whether this be microblading, powdering or combination brows. Ask to see healed results from all of the methods they offer. Also, check that that you fit with the usual type of client the artist is used to treating. 

Microblading Vs Combination Brows.

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