Microblading for eyebrows

Microblading for Eyebrows

Microblading, what is it?

Microblading for eyebrows has fast become one of the most sought after beauty treatments in salons and clinics up and down the country.  With plenty of A list celebrities such as Rhianna, Lena Dunham and Helen Mirren sporting full, beautifully groomed eyebrows courtesy of the biggest beauty trend since Botox, it’s no surprise that Microblading for eyebrows is one of the hottest and most requested beauty treatments of all time.

Microblading can indeed enhance the eyebrows, boost confidence and even make you appear more youthful.  It’s a revolutionary treatment, no doubt, but is it a ‘one size fits all’ solution to your eyebrow woes? 

If you’re considering getting Microblading for eyebrows, then there are a few questions you should be asking before committing to an appointment.  Here I discuss some of the less common questions I get asked during consultations. 

Microblading for eyebrows

1. Is Microblading a tattoo?

Technically, yes.  Like all Permanent Makeup, Microblading is a tattoo.  The definition of a tattoo is,

“to mark (a part of the body) with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin.”

To perform Microblading for eyebrows, a small blade like hand tool is used to superficially scratch the skin, allowing the pigment (ink) to be deposited underneath the top layer of skin where it remains indefinitely.  

2. Is Microblading eyebrows safe?

Microblading for eyebrows should be perfectly safe if you go to a reputable artist.  My advice to anyone thinking about Microblading for eyebrows or any other permanent makeup treatment is, never take things on face value and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  In my previous post ’10 Top Tips to finding the right artist’ I discuss the 10 most important questions you should ask when looking for a Microblading or Permanent Makeup Artist.  


3. Is Microblading permanent?

It’s important to understand that Microblading is as permanent as any cosmetic tattoo. Do not be fooled into thinking it is any less permanent than other methods.  There are many factors that can affect Microblading results such as aftercare, health and medications, lifestyle, sun exposure, skin type as well as the colour chosen.  The permanency of the procedures vary from person to person but regardless of technique, they are all tattoos and they will all last a considerable amount of time. 

4. Microblading vs Ombré?

Microblading brows
Microblading ombré

An important thing to consider is if Microblading will give you the look you want.  Generally people that tend to opt for Microblading for eyebrows, want an ultra natural, very soft look.  Microblading for eyebrows is ideal for those who wear little to no makeup and want the most natural result possible.  Microblading with shading can give a slightly bolder look.  If you wear more makeup then an alternative to the hair stroke look is a Microblading Ombré eyebrow.  Microblading with shading and Microblading ombré can be done with a manual Microblading shading tool or with the machine. 

5. Does my age affect the result of Microblading for eyebrows?

With the Microblading process being a little harder on the skin as a technique, we need to take the fragility of the skin into consideration when choosing the best technique for each individual client.  

Is Microblading for older ladies (and men!) the best technique?  

 Microblading brows is a more invasive technique of permanent makeup than hair stroke brows or powder brows done by machine.  For this reason, microblading for eyebrows gets the best results when the skin is young and supple.  Older clients may be good candidates for Microblading for eyebrows, it all depends on the condition of the skin.  

6. What about Microblading oily skin?

If you have oily skin, then Microblading brows might not be there best option for you.  As Microblading for eyebrows is performed using a hand tool instead of machine, a smaller amount of the pigment is deposited in the skin.  Oily skin has a lot of natural moisture and can effectively ‘dilute’ the pigment in the skin and also cause the pigment the spread slightly during healing.  

For this reason it is impossible to achieve a super crisp hair stroke in oily skin.  If this is the look your are wanting to achieve, you may want to consider if Microblading for eyebrows is the right option for you.  A machine method fusion brow or powder/ombré brow would be a better option for those with oily skin.

7. Is it possible to have Microblading with no eyebrows?

The general answer to this question would be yes, but really this depends on the reason why you have no eyebrows. Microblading brows is best suited to normal, supple skin which is in good condition. Sometimes extreme auto immune hair loss conditions such as Alopecia Totalis and Universalis can affect the skin as well as the hair, in these cases an alternative method may be a better fit.  However, if the client is in good health and the skin is in good condition there is no reason why not.

8. Is Microblading for men too?

The rise in popularity for Microblading brows has seen an increase in men requesting the treatments too.  The condition of the skin is the most important factor in choosing technique.  Microblading for men or machine hair stroke eyebrows may be suitable depending on health, lifestyle and the condition of the skin.  

9. How much does Microblading cost?

Training, products, materials and tools for Microblading are pretty expensive.  Obtaining licensing, insurance and having correct and responsible waste refusal collection in place to perform Microblading for eyebrows, are also very expensive.  If you see a “deal” for Microblading and the price seems too good to be true, the chances are the person offering it is cutting corners somewhere.

In my previous post ’10 Top Tips to finding the right artist’ I discuss the 10 most important questions you should ask when looking for a Microblading or Permanent Makeup Artist.  

Microblading cost UK wide, can vary hugely.  In some areas, you may find people offering Microblading for eyebrows at rock bottom prices and in other areas such as London, the prices seem unreasonably high.  Microblading prices vary for a number of different reasons.  Microblading cost is generally considered an indicator of quality, but even of your artist is charging the earth, be sure to do your homework with regard to who you’re letting loose on your face. 

If you’re wondering ‘how much does Microblading cost?’ and you’ve looked at Microblading eyebrow price locally and nationally, you may have noticed that Microblading eyebrows cost different amounts in different locations.  

Let’s consider Microblading London vs the rest of England.  Rents and overheads and the cost of living in London are much more expensive than the rural counties and the north of the country, so it stands to reason that Microblading prices in London will be much higher than the rest of the country.  Microblading cost does not always mean you are going to get a better quality job, it just means that the artist has to charge those amounts in order to pay her rent and make a profit.  

 A good, reputable artist will have spent thousands on their training and tools so will not be cheap.  A cheap artist will likely either be inexperienced and trying to build a portfolio of work or skimping somewhere in order to make a profit, so ask the right questions and choose wisely.  

10. Is Microblading for eyebrows the best option for me?

Get a professional opinion!

The best way to find out if Microblading for eyebrows is the best option for you is to book a consultation! Why not book an appointment to see me at either the Maidstone or the Beckenham clinics.

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