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Microblading for blondes. 10 amazing colours for blondes.

Microblading for blondes is not a myth!  I hear this so often in my clinics. “I have blonde eyebrows and I don’t want my brows to be too dark”

I only use the BEST quality pigments from Permablend in the USA. These pigments tick all my boxes when looking for a high quality product.

Microblading for Blondes

✅ Cruelty Free

✅ Vegan Friendly

✅ Hypoallergenic

✅ Sterile

✅ Complaint with EU medical standards

✅ Long Lasting

✅ True to colour

microblading for blondes

PLUS Permablend have over 100 different pigments for brows, eyes, lips, scalp and medical tattooing.

There are so many eyebrow shades from greys, blondes, browns and almost blacks. Whatever your hair and skin colour I can custom blend a colour to match your requirements perfectly. With such a huge range of colours now available, the days where microblading for blondes meant dark brown or black eyebrows are a thing of the past.

A few of my favourite Permablend pigments for brows are Blonde, Taupe, Martini Olive and Mallard. All of these colours can be custom blended to create the perfect shade of blonde for you.

Martini Olive

The Clinical Academy have now also launched their Tones Of Permablend range, three sets of 6 pigments.  This is set one.  Perfect for microblading for blondes.  Six shades of blonde, ensure that I can blend the perfect shade of blonde for you.

Barely Blonde : a beautiful light blonde for a ultra natural result

Diamond Pearl : perfect for those ladies who are not quite blonde but not quite white or grey just yet

Dirty Blonde : perfect for blondes who want a little more depth to their colour, without it being too dark

Golden Blonde : a gorgeous honey blonde 

Red Riding Hood : a very warm blonde for ginger blondes like myself 

Strawberry Blonde : a gorgeous shade of rose gold blonde 


Tones of Permablend Set 1
Tones of Permablend Set 1

When considering microblading for blondes, whatever you imagine your colour to be, I can custom blend it so we achieve the perfect shade for you.


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