microblading 2020

Microblading 2020 : Was this the worst year to try and get it?

Microblading 2020... A year in review

microblading 2020

Well, what a crazy year 2020 turned out to be. The past 12 months will always be remembered as the year of a global pandemic but after a year of lockdowns, loss and misery.  Whilst challenging, like 2020 itself, it’s important to remember the good that came out of 2020.

I for one, am happy with what I’ve managed to achieve given the circumstances of the pandemic and the impact that it has had on my business.  

I won’t lie, there were times when I wondered if my little business would survive.  I, like many have had sleepless nights, worried about the safety of my family and clients as well as my own personal safety. 

When my business was forced to close in March, I like thousands of other business owners that I know, had an overwhelming feeling of dread and despair. It was at that point that I made a decision.  I decided not to rest on my laurels and wait for the inevitable to happen, I decided to take control of the situation and do something productive for myself, my clients and my business. 

So, what have I been up to over the last 12 months I hear you ask?  Here’s a timeline of the events :


    Yes, in the month that the first lockdown was announced I had just moved premises and joined Anthea, Philip and their amazing team at Hair Professional.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Hair Professional is a family run salon in King Street and has been established for over 40 years. 


    Anthea and her talented team offer traditional and cutting edge, up to the minute hair services as well as therapeutic beauty services such as massage and facials with the gorgeous Emma Fairway.  Also, and very importantly, Anthea the salon owner offers hair loss services for those needing wig cutting and fitting services.  This is something that, if you know me and my history is very close to my heart.


    The decision to join this team, for me, was a no brainer and I’m happy to say that so far, it’s working very well.  Sadly after just a week of working at the new premises, the salon was forced to close due to the pandemic and I, like everyone else was forced to work from home.


    Website Overhaul

    During the first lockdown, it became apparent to me that not only did I need to do something to keep the boredom at bay but that I needed to do something productive, so I decided to work on my digital marketing and I completely redesigned my website.

    Blog Writing

    Having so much time at home was the perfect opportunity to write about all things brows and beauty.  I suppose my attitude was “if I can’t do the treatments then I’ll write about them” and it certainly kept me busy.

    Researching New Services

    The first lockdown made me, like many others, realise that when it was time to reopen, that it was important to appeal to a wider audience.  I used the time to research the latest brow services and decided to add lash and brow bar services to the treatment menu. 

    COVID Infection prevention training

    Those that know me, know how conscientious I am regarding hygiene and health and safety.  I have always taken extensive measures to ensure safety and zero risk of cross contamination by wearing full PPE, (an apron, medical grade mask and nitrile gloves) as well as using single use items wherever possible, covering the bed and trolley in disposable dressings and disinfecting my treatment bed and trolley between every client. In fact, there was very little I needed to add in order to prevent cross contamination from the virus, however I have been wearing a face visor for every appointment as well as my usual PPE.  I also undertook the VTCT Infection Prevention training course specifically designed to educate about the COViD-19 virus which found really interesting and productive.

    Moving House

    In July I finally managed to make the move from London to Kent, something that my husband and I had been trying to achieve for a couple of years in order to be closer to family and my clients.  When the pandemic struck we had just sold our London flat and had our offer accepted on a property in Maidstone and we were naturally nervous that it would all fall apart during the lockdown but amazingly, everything went fairly somoothly and we were able to move!


    Reopening in August was made very easy for me as Anthea and the team at Hair Professional did all of the hard work and ensured that there was a clear protocol for welcoming clients right from the offset. 


    There was (and will continue to be for as long as is necessary) clear signage and floor markings instructing clients on what to do and where to go when they arrive at the salon, clients are greeted at the salon door and have their temperature taken and have access to a hands free hand sanitising dispenser upon arrival before being showed to my treatment studio which is on the first floor. 



    Catching up on the back log of appointments and trainings kept me really busy between August and November and as the training academies were also able to reopen this meant that I was able to partake in some training myself.  I trained in 3 new exciting lash and brow bar services which are now available to all clients, old and new. 


    HD Brows : HD Brows is the full monty of brow treatments (a brow MOT, if you will). Rather than a single hair-removal technique, this treatment does a little bit of everything—from waxing, threading, tweezing and tinting.  HD Brows has been around for a long time and is the perfect way to maintain and highlight your brows in between your permanent makeup appointments.


    Henna Brows : Henna Brows is a natural, safe and long-lasting option to traditional tinting.  A great alternative for those wanting a low maintenance treatment or those waiting to try out a permanent makeup look without the commitment.


    Lash Bomb : Make the most of what your momma gave you.  The Lash Bomb treatment is the perfect way to lift, lengthen and volumise lashes without the need for extensions.  Also a great way to make your permanent eyeliner pop!


    Keep your eyes on my social media pages to be in with a chance of winning one of these new services in my monthly giveaways!



    In September, we welcomed Rufus, a little sable boy cockerpoo into out home and it’s safe to say our world has been turned upside down by our little fur baby.  He certainly keeps us busy and we can’t remember what life was like before he came along now.


    Redesigning the SD studio

    The 4 week lockdown in November gave me the perfect opportunity to paint and redecorate my new studio at Hair Professional so I spent the best part of 2 weeks, scrubbing, painting and decorating (in the company colours, naturally) so that I’d have a fresh new workspace to welcome all my wonderful clients back to in December. 

  • CHRISTMAS 2020

    Sadly, I was only able reopen for a few weeks before Kent was pushed into Tier 4 and eventually a third lockdown, and so I wait, once again to reopen my doors.  Christmas 2020 was certainly like no other Christmas we’ve ever experienced and the turn of the year, along with the promise of vaccinations has given us all hope for 2021.  I for one, will keep pushing forward for myself, my family and for my clients.  I have a few more exciting things happening behind the scenes that I will hopefully be able to share with you all in the coming months, and I look forward to welcoming you all again but for now….



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