Eyeliner Tattoos : 4 of the best styles

Eyeliner Tattoos can save you time and money and if applied well, can look absolutely stunning.  Most people wear eyeliner of some description on a daily basis. Whether it’s a simple almost undetectable eyelash enhancement, a soft and natural eyeliner, a perfect liquid look cat eye or a soft smoky lash enhancement, there is an eyeliner technique thats’s perfect for just about everyone. Eyeliners are one of my favourite treatments to do because it makes such a huge impact on the wearer. It’s the answer to panda eyes and gives a perfect smudge free look that can outlast even the saddest of movies. Lash lifting and tinting has become all the rage but when you add a subtle permanent lash enhancement to the base of the lashes not makes the eyes look wider and younger and who doesn’t want that?

One off the biggest concerns my clients have with eyeliner is the thought of a needle near their eye. I get it. It seems scary, but I assure you, you can lie back, close your eyes and relax as I use special stretching techniques that allow me to work easily on this delicate area without putting your safety at risk. Numbing agents are also used to give you the most comfortable treatment possible.

Ultra Natural Eyeliner Tattoos

Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner Tattoo
Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner
Soft and Natural Eyeliner Tattoo
Soft and Natural Eyeliner

More Dramatic Eyeliner Tattoos

Liquid Look Eyeliner Tattoo
Liquid Look Eyeliner Tattoo
Eyeliner Tattoo
Smoky Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliners are generally one of the most straightforward treatments. Simple liners take around an hour with larger liners taking up to two hours. Yes, you may be a little puffy when you leave so it’s a good idea to bring some sunglasses along with you to your appointments in order to protect your eyes afterwards. The results are fabulous and last longer than any other treatment so it’s all totally worth it!

If you’re thinking about having eyeliner and want to know more, book in for a consultation today!


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