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Latest Brow Trends : Are bleached brows about to become THE brow trend for 2021?

Brow Trend Alert : Bleached Brows 🚨🚨🚨

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Is this about to become THE brow trend for 2021?


My love for highly defined eyebrows is no secret.  I spend almost all of my working days obsessing over different permanent makeup techniques, styles and designs.  sci

The latest news from the beauty scene is stating that 2021 is about to become the year of the ‘defiant brow’. 

What does that mean? Well, loosley it means that brows are about to get a whole lot more natural and textured with strong shapes, bold arches and a much more artistic approach to microblading and permanent makeup. 

The word on the socially distanced street is that bleached brows set to become a big trend for those with light hair and blonde eyebrows.  

Bleached brows are up 160% on Pinterest with people searching for techniques on how to achieve a barely there, blonde brow. 

Bleached Brows for 2021...

Designers have been playing with the bleached brow trend for a few years now with Alexander Wang featuring platinum brows on all fo his models during his 2018 runway show.  

Models are often asked to leach their brows for the catwalk or a photo shoot as an avant garde look.  Bleached brows was part of the huge androgyny trend of the 90’s.  But are bleached brows about to make a comeback? And will we see this on the high street as well as the catwalks?

With the likes of Katy Perry and Hayley Bieber recently sporting bleached brows in public, who knows?  With makeup trends becoming more and more out there and a desire to stand out from the crowd, don’t be surprised if you see this trend becoming more mainstream…

bleached brows

Bleached Brows : The Verdict

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If you have blonde hair and want amazing eyebrows, then bleaching your brows may not be the best option.  If you are tempted to try this trend then see a professional, do not attempt a DIY job as you could end up with ginger brows or worse, no brows at all.  

As someone who sees people regularly who have lost their brows or have no brow hair, this could be disastrous. 

I’m still very much in the “defined eyebrows” club.  Is microblading for blondes?” is one of the questions I get asked the most so, in my opinion, blondes tend to want MORE definition, not less.

So, are bleached eyebrows about to become a huge trend? My verdict and professional opinion is no.  Even if you’re tempted to try this, I reckon you’ll only do it once before you’re back to wanting more definition and pencilling them back in again.


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